Deep Freeze Deepens Digital Learning in Belizean Village

Deep Freeze Deepens Digital Learning in Belizean Village

We published a blog in April about a cool philanthropic project in Southern Belize where Faronics had the opportunity to get involved and offer some support. The objective of the project – lead by Ted Hoskins and Walt Reed of Maine – is to help rebuild the village of Monkey River, which was devastated by Hurricane Iris in 2001. Working on donations and money out of their own pockets, Ted, Walt and their team of volunteers have been taking on a new project each year, which is chosen by the community.

We were so pleased when Walt reached out to see if we could contribute some Deep Freeze licences to a student computer lab in the village. Being new to computing, it was all too easy for the students to fall victim to viruses and other malicious software. So during a recent trip back to Belize, Walt installed Deep Freeze onto the student’s laptops, ensuring that the desired settings and configurations restore after every reboot. This will also ensure that the laptops remain operable, with little to no technical support available or required.

Walt was kind enough to share some photos from this trip so we could see Deep Freeze in action. Here’s a few of our favorites as well as a 5 minute video on the village of Monkey River.



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