Maximizing Educational Technology: Strategies for Enhancing Learning Environments With Faronics Solutions

Maximizing Educational Technology: Strategies for Enhancing Learning Environments With Faronics Solutions

If educational institutions want to set up students for success in modern society, embracing technology has to be an integral part of their strategy. In 2022, roughly 50% of the world’s lower secondary schools installed hardware with online access, responding to students demanding personalized support and schools’ struggle to maintain a curriculum during lockdown.

This is where Faronics tools come into play, offering dedicated classroom management features for the age of online education ahead.

Faronics Deep Freeze: Patented Reboot for Ease of Mind in the Classroom

Faronics Deep Freeze has long helped faculty members worldwide maintain the integrity of computer configurations in classroom and lab setups. Its patented Reboot To Restore Technology ensures that teachers or IT staff can restore machines to a predefined state upon reboot. This is particularly valuable in shared computer environments, such as computer labs or libraries, where preventing unwanted settings changes is essential for system stability and a trustworthy learning environment.

By implementing Deep Freeze on its public access computers, educational institutions can streamline IT maintenance and eliminate the need for constant manual intervention, reducing support tickets by 63%. Even if a machine shows any issues, staff doesn’t lose precious time with a full hard drive clean-up. Instead, they can quickly define automatic filters for multiple groups of machines during setup or launch remote desktop sessions from the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console to troubleshoot.

Faronics Insight: Transforming Classroom Management

Faronics Insight is a powerful classroom management tool designed to create a dynamic and focused learning environment. Teachers can monitor and control students’ computers, fostering collaboration and ensuring they stay on task. With features like advanced interactive chats, brand new polls and tests as well as screen-sharing functionality, educators have the tools they need to guide and engage their students effectively while putting a stop to unwanted distractions.

The ability to restrict access to certain applications during lessons, lock screens to gain attention and share them for collaboration all contribute to a more efficient and productive educational experience.

And the best part? Your school or university won’t be limited to a certain operating system. Faronics Insight lets you manage devices on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS and even tablets running iOS or Android. Speaking of which…

Deep Freeze Cloud Connector: Unifying Management for PCs, Macs and Mobile Devices

As educational institutions increasingly adopt a diverse range of devices, managing and securing these endpoints becomes a critical challenge. Faronics addresses this issue with Deep Freeze Cloud Connector, a unified platform that provides seamless management, security, and control for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. What sets it apart from other solutions is the simplicity of its web-based console, accessible anytime from anywhere, with the right permissions.

With Deep Freeze Cloud Connector, IT administrators can centralize the management of devices across platforms and analyze real-time status updates. Even assigning different policies for various operating systems or device groups is easy. Best of all, it requires zero hardware investment. Admins can set up new machines centrally using the deployment utility tool and perform multiple maintenance tasks by simply scanning a QR code.

The ability to manage devices remotely is particularly beneficial in the context of remote learning or educational institutions with distributed campuses. In those scenarios, easy installation procedures enhance security and let your institution enforce more consistent policies. The option to automatically update software via the cloud ensures that all your devices are up to date with the latest security patches, minimizing your exposure to one of the ransomware attacks that affected 80% of schools’ IT professionals, according to a recent survey.

Become Part of the Solution. Maximize Security in Education.

By implementing a detailed security and incident response plan, your organization can safeguard its infrastructure against breaches and unwanted configuration changes. Faronics solutions provide a toolkit tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions seeking to maximize the potential of technology in their learning environments.

By strategically implementing Deep Freeze, Insight and the Deep Freeze Cloud Connector, schools and universities can create secure, dynamic and efficiently managed ecosystems. This makes it easier to foster a sense of curiosity in students and let them explore the endless possibilities evolving technologies provide. 

As technology continues to evolve, Faronics remains a trusted partner in shaping the future of education through innovative IT solutions.

If you’d like to learn how Faronics could enhance your students’ learning paths, reach out to our expert team!

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