Most Millennials believe that, as a member of a generation raised on technology, they are pretty savvy when it comes to online privacy and cybersecurity. However, a new report discovered this is far from the truth. A recent survey by security firm Lookout of more than 1,000 smartphone owners found that over half of those who claimed to be knowledgeable about security...
In the seemingly endless world of corporate data breaches, yet another health insurance company has become the victim of a cyber​attack. In mid-March, Premera Blue Cross announced that it had suffered a hack that exposed medical information for more than 11 million patients, making it the largest cyber​attack of its kind. Earlier this year, health insurance company Ant...
Technological innovation has been increasing dramatically in recent years, and it seems like every month brings the introduction of a new device or program that has to be implemented immediately. Businesses struggle to keep up with this rapid change more than individual users, as every new technology has to be multiplied by however many employees they have. With so many en...

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