Technology can be complicated for retail. The advantages of the modern world have clear applications in storefronts and restaurants, but by leveraging these tools, the business is subjecting itself to the same dangers and risks that are faced by other computer users. This includes - but is not limited to - malware.Malware is on the tip of everyone's tongue t...
People want their financial services to be secure. From banks to brokers, the handing of money can be a sensitive issue, and as the world continues to move across the digital landscape, there is only going to be an increase in the number of threats than can compromise funds and account information. But not only are the people who trust these organizations concerned with...
Despite being retired from official support through Microsoft, Windows XP still lives. By now, it should be old news that regular bug fixes and patches are no longer standard issue for computers that still run the aging operating system. But a large segment of the population who was unable to upgrade in time - including the IRS - still has yet to make the transition broug...

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