Retailers need to make malware a concern

Retailers need to make malware a concern

Technology can be complicated for retail. The advantages of the modern world have clear applications in storefronts and restaurants, but by leveraging these tools, the business is subjecting itself to the same dangers and risks that are faced by other computer users. This includes – but is not limited to – malware.

Malware is on the tip of everyone's tongue these days. While many private PC owners have run into their fair share of harmful programs, major security breaches like the one that occurred at Target have proven that organizations dealing with large volumes of financial information need to make special considerations.

"Cybercrime is big business and, just like any other business sector, criminals are looking to boost their revenues and grow their market share," wrote TechRadar contributor Keith Bird. "This means targeting hundreds, even thousands of companies with their attacks, to increase the likelihood of success."

One of the biggest areas of focus – the one that got Target in trouble – is the point of sale system. Point of sale systems have to be protected at all costs. Not only are hackers interested in the kind of credit and debit card data that exists within them, but falling victim to an attack can have serious legal and financial ramifications. These consequences can, potentially, drive a retailer out of business and should be taken seriously. 

Pleading ignorance
Part of the reason that malware infections are becoming so prevalent in retail pertains to the relative unfamiliarity that many members of management may have with technology. This is particularly true regarding how to handle cyberdefense as an aspect of the company.

"Protecting an IT network from malware is a simple task however, many businesses are not using their knowledge of IT security in their retail environment," wrote IT Pro Portal contributor Nathan Chai. "As the consumers shopping experience blurs further with the online experience IT security in the retail environment is paramount to the continued success of a retailer."

Simply put, even if a member of a sales team understands that they need strong anti-virus tools on their home computer, they might not realize that those same protections need to be in place on the point of sale system. This is why Faronics is so committed to keeping computers safe – especially those in the retail sector. With assets like Anti-Virus and Anti-Executable, Faronics can make sure that PoS systems stay protected and operational.

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