Presence of malware can have unsettling consequences

Presence of malware can have unsettling consequences

By now, there have been countless instances where people have been affected by malware in one way or another. Common stories often revolve around the loss of financial information and identity theft. But according to new charges filed by the U.S. Justice Department, certain malware threats are crossing a whole new line of personal intrusion.

A malware program known as Blackshades has been leveraged by criminals to, among other things, take control of personal webcams. The Justice Department said that the malicious software has had thousands of customers, and about half a million computers have been hit around the world.

Privacy incredibly threatened by Blackshades
While the idea of having bank numbers stolen and used illicitly has never been a positive one for victims, it almost seems to pale in comparison to the scope of damage that can be caused by Blackshades. Cybercriminals have been using this particularly-sinister brand of malware to take remote control of PC webcams, taking compromising video and screenshots of victims that can then be used for blackmail, among other nefarious reasons.

"The Blackshades Remote Access Tool, or RAT, which targets Microsoft Windows-based operating systems, allows cybercriminals to take control of your computer," wrote Washington Post contributor Gail Sullivan. "Once inside, they can spy on you through your web camera, steal your files and account information and see what you are typing."

While charges against both the users and creators of Blackshades have been leveraged and several arrests have been made, the threat still exists. This instance of malware only drives the need for software-based security to be heavily applied to personal, public and enterprise machines.

No matter what strategy of protection is taken, Faronics has the right solution for the job. From anti-virus provisions to application whitelisting, comprehensive protections are possible and viable with the assets available from Faronics. 

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