Faronics Power Save and Howard Community College

Howard Community College Saves $50,000 Per Year By Reducing Computer Energy Waste
by Braden Cave – 04/25/11

Rising energy costs and the growing desire to be environmentally-responsible led Howard Community College on a mission to green their campus with power management software.

Recognizing that there was room for savings in their computing technology, HCC needed a power management software solution that allowed them to maximise energy savings while computers were not in use, while still allowing users to quickly wake computers up when they were needed.

“Initially, we installed Power Save on two computers and then evaluated it for over a month,” says Sung Lee, Director of Student Computer Support for Howard Community College. “In September of 2007, we deployed Power Save campus-wide on all student workstations.” HCC did evaluate alternative energy management solutions, but found Power Save to be the best balance between staff, student, and IT needs.

Howard Community College discovered the benefits of Faronics Power Save—a power management software solution that ensures workstations are available when system resources are required, while conserving power during productivity downtimes. Power Save provides organizations with real financial and energy savings on every computer deployed, as well as centralized workstation power status control.

Now, Howard Community College is helping to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bill by using an effective power management solution. Among its many awards, HCC has been recognized as a Top-Tech Savvy Community College by the Center for Digital Education and the American Association of Community Colleges.


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