Windows updates can be complicated, right?

Windows updates can be complicated, right?

We’ve all been there – whether a career-defining presentation, an exam, the quarterly sales briefing, or even a Zoom call to get the latest on Granny’s hip replacement – but nothing’s happening, as your Windows updates ponderously install themselves while you shout at your screen.

Unfortunately, these updates form a vital protective barrier between you and disaster. In many of the most high-profile cyberattacks of recent months, an end user has got so fed up of Windows updates that they’ve just turned them off. Microsoft are identifying and fixing vulnerabilities all the time, so someone deliberately choosing not to run updates is magnifying their organisation’s operational risk by a large factor.

The tightrope between security and usability is a delicate one that an IT manager walks every day.

But once you know about the damage inflicted by failing to implement Windows patches, you know – there’s no pretending it might not happen. There is no carpet to sweep it under, no veil that can be drawn: it’s got to happen.

If you’re running a lot of endpoints, you need those updates to deliver by themselves in the background, ideally when you’re asleep.

Faronics Cloud gives you complete control over the whole process, with zero disruption to anybody’s work. You can schedule each category of update, or you can set an approval stage. A typical setup might be to install critical and security updates as soon as they’re available, while taking a look at other categories of update before deciding whether or not to push them out. Whatever approach you take, you’ve always got a dashboard for an at-a-glance overview, and can set push notifications or email alerts for when something significant happens.

Windows updates don’t have to be annoying at all! To find out more, watch our webinar on Youtube.
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