What’s in the Faronics toolbox?

What’s in the Faronics toolbox?

Faronics has a long, proud history of providing exceptional solutions for IT professionals around the world, in all manner of sectors and organisation types. Each of our discreet utilities can be used individually or in combination to solve a wide range of problems for IT administrators. Much akin to how tools like a wrench, hammer or screwdriver from a traditional toolbox help the everyday handyman solve problems at home.

Tool 1: Reboot-to-Restore – ‘the freezer bag’

One of the most powerful tools in the toolbox is Deep Freeze, which helps businesses to protect their systems and maintain consistency by freezing the state of a computer’s operating system. This means that any changes made to the system, whether intentional or accidental, can be easily undone. This is particularly useful for teams who need to maintain a stable and consistent system, such as in the case of public kiosks or shared computers.

Tool 2: Kiosk Mode – ‘the clamp’

When you want to clamp down tightly on your desktop experience to stop your users causing harm, whether deliberate or not, kiosk mode is just the tool you need. Acting as a totally customisable layer on top of Windows, you can present your users only with the limited applications they need, while disabling anything you don’t trust them with, such as control panel, removable drives, or printing.

Tool 3: Software Updates and Windows Updates – ‘the electric sander’

Electric sanders save so much time when compared to the effort involved with carrying out the task manually. It’s exactly the same when using Faronics to manage Windows updates and all your software updates. No longer do you need to fiddle around packaging everything up and pushing out bit by bit – you can automate the entire process without disrupting anyone’s work.


Tool 4: Inventory – ‘the spirit level’

Faronics’ inventory manager, like a spirit level, allows you to achieve a perfect equilibrium. Any piece of information you may need about your hardware, such as the system drive usage, the warranty end date, the model name, or the IP address, is immediately available on one auto-refreshing page. So you can immediately spot any problem that may threaten to upset your balance.

Tool 5: Anti-Executable – ‘the pliers’

When it comes to keeping your organisation secure, a little tweaking can often significantly reduce your risk of cyber-attack. Our Anti-Executable module allows you to maintain a policy control list of blocked files; you can monitor violations and get your pliers out every now and again to keep everything running smoothly while delivering maximum protection.

Tool 6: Imaging – ‘the utility square’

To make sure that the configuration of your workstations is consistent, the Faronics imaging module allows you to square everything up nicely. To refresh your existing setup, or when adding new hardware, you can easily pull the image over by PXE boot, or deploy using the client or via USB.

Tool 7: Reports and Dashboards – ‘the drill’

Whatever data you need about the usage of your workstations, Faronics allows you to drill into that detail. For example, easily filter reports on software licence compliance, application usage or firewall activity. Pinpoint specific issues with a granular focus so that you can optimise the performance of all your IT.

To find out more, watch our webinar on Youtube.

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