Top 5 problems with endpoint management

Top 5 problems with endpoint management

At Faronics, we understand the increasing challenges faced by IT managers in a complicated world. Here are the top 5 problems currently facing people responsible for endpoint management.

Problem 1: Security

The top priority for anyone managing computers and tablets in a business, school, university or anywhere else, is to protect them from nasty threats. You need certainty that you are immune from the ugliest efforts of viruses, ransomware, hackers and phishers. The array of dangers has increased exponentially since Covid-19 accelerated the world’s shift to home working, with all workplaces far more vulnerable to attack.

Problem 2: Windows patches and software updates

Many IT managers find that they don’t have enough control over updating Windows and all their software, often not feeling too sure about what versions they’ve got installed, and not able to stop whatever updates crop up. Software updates are becoming significantly more frequent than they used to be; and Windows 11 is a cause for worry. The ideal is to keep all devices constantly updated, with no disruption to users, but that isn’t always straightforward.

Problem 3: Inventory management

If you’re managing a large number of workstations, it can be hard to keep track of where all your hardware is, as well as keeping on top of all your software licences. You might try and impose a structure using spreadsheets, but might then find it becomes such a chore to update that you simply give up. Trying to aggregate simple information, such as the warranty end date of all your endpoints, might take days and weeks of work, when it ought to take a moment.

Problem 4: Hardware degradation

Decent hardware is expensive. So it’s frustrating when your endpoints run slowly because they’re bloated up with a load of junk. You want to optimise the performance of your endpoints, but it becomes more and more difficult to halt their inevitable decline.

Problem 5: Scale

If you’re running a large estate, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle in trying to keep everything running smoothly from site to site. You might find that you lack crucial information, or spend too much time trying to collate it from various sources, so management becomes unwieldy when you’d prefer it to be smooth and seamless.

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