One simple solution to many expensive IT headaches

One simple solution to many expensive IT headaches

If you’re an IT manager in a small or medium-sized business, it’s likely that you spend a lot of hours on unproductive activities. If you really think about it, you could be spending a massive amount of time on tasks that don’t really seem to move you forward.

When you get a new incident, are you still walking to the affected computer, or maybe even driving? Say you’re looking after 300 computers, that travel could cost you around 100 hours a year.

Are you addressing the incident without a centralised ticketing system, so you don’t know which issues keep coming up and how long it’s taking you to resolve them? If you’re not recognising which issues are most demanding of systemic repair, that could cost you another 200 hours a year.

Are you building and deploying software update packages one by one? That’s an annoying one – could easily be taking 50 hours a year.

Are you planning for future software and hardware needs with incomplete information about usage, hardware attributes and software licensing? If you’re scrabbling around for that information rather than seeing it all autorefreshing in one place, that could be costing you 25 hours a year.

Are you delivering Windows updates in working hours? If so, that could take you 50 hours a year, and you could be putting your 300 workstations out of use for around 50 hours over a year.

Are you reimaging old machines manually? That might take 100-200 hours out of your year.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, take a moment to consider the true effect on your organisation. What is the real impact of manual process inefficiency?

Faronics Cloud Deploy allows you to manage all your devices exceptionally easily, wherever you are, wherever they are. It’s beautifully simple to set up and use, and provides an enormous return on a tiny investment. Typically painful IT admin tasks can be achieved in one or two clicks, or completely automated. Manage everything without leaving your desk – do it all remotely!

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