How to Keep Your Workstations Secure Over Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Workstations Secure Over Holiday Season

In early December, IT managers turn their thoughts to the festive season. How can you make sure that all your computers are indestructible, so you can tuck into your turkey without worrying about what might be going wrong?


2021 has been a lucrative year for ransomware villains. Jeremy Fleming, head of the UK’s spy agency GCHQ, recently revealed that the number of attacks on British businesses has doubled in only one year. A similarly disturbing pattern has emerged around the world, as ransomware becomes less contested and more profitable, so more and more criminals focus their attention towards it.

Faronics Cloud Deep Freeze customers will enjoy their holidays, safe in the knowledge that they ticked the ransomware prevention box in their policies. Any attempt to breach the company’s defences at a vulnerable time of year will be automatically thwarted.

Furthermore, our Anti-executable module is a bulletproof whitelisting tool that provides you with even more peace of mind: only specified executable files can be run.

Deep Freeze

Faronics’ unique patented Deep Freeze technology ensures that every time a workstation restarts, it does so in its original state, thereby eliminating any harmful changes introduced by local users. One option when you’re not around is to set up an idle time task, so that whenever one of your workstations is idle for say, five minutes, it restarts and therefore benefits from Deep Freeze’s magical cleaning power. It won’t matter that you’re getting stuck into the port and cheeses; helpdesk tickets will resolve themselves.


Our rock-solid anti-virus protection, offered in partnership with Bitdefender, is a further layer of protection. You can choose to receive push notifications to your phone, so the moment anything malicious is detected, you’ll know immediately, wherever you are.

As Greg Atkins, Director of Technology at Glenpool Public Schools, explains: ‘layered security is a no-brainer with the number of threats looming around’. ​​

To find out more about how you, like Greg and thousands of customers around the world, can relax this holiday season, watch the webinar recording.
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