Faronics Insight for Social Distancing in a Library

A customer recently implemented Faronics Insight in their library branches as they are planning to open their doors after being closed for Covid-19. It was an interesting case because while libraries use Insight in training labs, there was not much need to use it on other library computers (such as catalogue systems) that patrons would use. However, these are not normal times and the library needed a solution to keep both their librarians and patrons safe.

With social distancing measures in place, it is hard for librarians to help patrons in person. With Faronics Insight, librarians are able to help patrons via several functions:

  • Chat – being able to have a 2-way communication between computers
  • Co-Browse – browsing the same website (or library catalogue) together
  • Show Screen – the librarian can show their screen to the patron so they can follow along
  • Remote Control – being able to take control of a PC to show a patron something
  • Run Program – running an application or website on the patron’s computer
  • Limit Web – choosing to allow or block sites


There were some privacy concerns however, where the library did not want to monitor their patron’s screens at all times. Faronics Insight has a Screen Privacy option available for such situations. Simply select that option in the Advanced Settings when installing the Insight Student on the library computers that patrons will be using.


Enabling the Screen Privacy option will introduce a checkbox in the Insight Student dialogue available in the System Tray. The patron must uncheck the box in order to let the librarian assist them remotely.


In this way, the librarian will not see the patron’s user activity unless they allow it.


There are other privacy functions available such as disabling keyboard monitoring and logging the patron’s Internet history.

Learn more about Faronics Insight or review the Teacher Quick Start Guide for more information. Try out Faronics Insight for 30-days by downloading a free trial version.

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Heman Mehta

Heman, aka: He-Man, is the "Master of Deep Freeze" and VP of Product Management. He has been with Faronics for more than 10 years and is (of course) the biggest evangelist of Deep Freeze. When not living the "PM Lifestyle", you'll find him traveling the world—his last count was at about 38 countries visited.

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