4 Tips to Manage a classroom using Technology

4 Tips to Manage a classroom using Technology

The ferocious pace of technological innovation has changed a teacher’s role in the last couple of decades. On the plus side, the range of ways to deliver an engaging lesson has multiplied beyond recognition. On the minus side, it can be harder to keep students away from distraction.

If, as a teacher, you get to the end of a typical day and feel like too much of your time was spent managing online behaviour – you’re trying to stop your students from messing around rather than concentrating on what you’re trying to teach – then Faronics Insight could make your teaching smoother, and contribute to improved student outcomes.

Here’s how we can solve a number of significant problems.

Problem 1: I can’t tell what my students are doing

Faronics Insight provides real-time classroom monitoring. You can see what all your students are working on, with a single glance. That’s just the starting point – we include an array of useful tools for you to help your students.

Problem 2: communication is painful

You might find that students have a few different ways of messaging each other and teachers. And it’s common for those methods to be used for the wrong purpose. We can soothe the pain, with straightforward, intuitive messaging alongside a raised hand feature. Not only that, you’re only ever one click away from talking directly to your students, wherever they are. 

Problem 3: my students don’t always stay on task

Faronics Insight allows you to keep your students on-task with highly granular, customisable restrictions that you can pre-configure, and apply at the drop of a hat. For example, you could block all applications, or just a few – and readily switch between the two settings. You can set banned words, and choose to get a notification and a screenshot when a banned word is typed. You can prohibit all or specific websites. You can lock everyone’s screens instantly. In short, you’re in charge!

Problem 4: I struggle to spark engagement in remote lessons

With Faronics Insight, you’re always in the same room, even when your students aren’t present. Starting a lesson with a poll is the work of an instant – the results display on everyone’s screens, and promote collaborative discussion. You can also save a library of tests, consisting of multiple choice, essay, true/false or fill in the blanks questions, to roll out in the middle of a lesson to check who’s understood what you’re trying to impart.

Teaching is never an easy job, but it becomes a lot easier when your online classroom management is taken care of.

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