Faronics WINSelect and Newburgh Enlarged City School District

Newburgh Enlarged School District Turns to Faronics for Windows Program Management
by Kelly Batke

Limiting a computer’s functions and ensuring Windows program management is an important part of protecting a computer’s purpose at New York based Newburgh Enlarged School District.

Fully-functional computers placed in environments where only limited-functionality is required carries the possibility of computers being used by students in a distractive or inappropriate way. Without a windows program management solution, computers are put at risk from unwanted application and web browsing activity.

The district invested in Faronics WINSelect, a Windows program management solution that makes it easy to manage the functionality of computers in public access, kiosk, library, educational, and corporate environments, and empowers IT administrators with enterprise control over a workstation’s system settings.

WINSelect has provided the district powerful yet easy Windows program management tool.

Teachers can now focus on their core responsibility — providing instruction, instead of having to resolve complex security issues and getting swamped by desktop troubleshooting.


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