Faronics Power Save Product Data Sheet

Version 4.5

System Requirements
The Power Save client computer requires Windows XP SP3, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Faronics Core system requirements can be found in the Faronics Core user guide. It is highly recommended that all components be installed using a Windows Administrator account.

Intelligent Configuration Settings

  • Reduces power by turning off monitors, and sleep, hibernate or shutdown computers
  • Power down hard disks to reduce energy consumption
  • Dynamic configuration settings can be easily adjusted using a slider bar to increase or decrease the power savings settings
  • Blended rates capture varied energy rates at different times or days of the week
  • Easily create, edit and duplicate Power Policies to allow for different levels of energy management at different times
  • Employ energy saving actions when CPU, network, or disk activity falls below a defined level
  • Prevent workstations from employing power saving actions when a specified application is running
  • Identify and ignore applications that prevent energy savings actions.
  • Create Energy Consumption Profiles to fine tune individual workstation power use

Minimize End User Disruption

  • Saves open documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and email drafts, prior to powering down
  • Custom notification message to users before taking action
  • Users can temporarily disable power management for convenience
  • Users can customize local wake-up from Hibernate or Standby mode
  • Stealth mode to hide Power Save interface from users
  • Power management can switch off when a computer moves to a wireless network

Enterprise Control & Security

  • Easily create, use and reuse Power Policies
  • Deployment through Faronics Core Server (included) or most 3rd party desktop management tools
  • Override an operating system’s power settings
  • Automatically synchronize changes to Power Policies across deployments
  • Includes a free Wake-up service for workstations via a web browser
  • Logoff user prior to computer powering down
  • Enable password protection on workstations
  • Wake workstations by keyboard, mouse and/or network card
  • Last Man Standing does not turn off WOL Relay computer
  • Automatic alerts notify expiring, outdated clients, and sensitivity adjusts via SMTP email
  • Eco Facts show individual computer contributions for energy savings
  • Eco Facts allow users to request adjustments to power settings and one-click sleep state activation

Flexible Scheduling

  • Schedule the deactivation of energy management so maintenance windows can occur uninterrupted
  • Schedule Wake-On-LAN, restart and shutdown events
  • Schedule Power Save configuration updates

Management Reporting

  • Web-based Power Save Dashboard makes it easy to visualize power consumption information for your entire organization
  • Generate energy use and savings reports
  • Summary and detailed reports display power savings based upon your regional electricity cost in your local currency
  • Energy consumption translated into carbon footprint related to environmental benefits from reduced energy use
  • Audit Mode provides a baseline measure of consumed energy and shows projected annual savings
  • Reports on best/worst energy savers, and power saving history
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