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Tight budgets mean that IT professionals are trying to stretch their dollars even further so we’ve got you covered. Faronics Power Save will bring immediate savings to your organization. It’s an intelligent power management solution that eliminates wasted energy and puts that money back into your pocket. Let’s say you have 1,000 machines at your organization. By reducing energy costs efficiently you can save £31,000 in the first year alone. Imagine what you can do with all that money!  Calculate your savings now»

This clever solution runs in the background without disrupting end-users or IT tasks. Faronics Power Save was designed with built-in intelligence to accurately determine when computers are inactive and ready to be powered down. It analyzes CPU, disk, network, keyboard, mouse, and application status data before it takes any action, ensuring your users aren’t interrupted in the middle of something important. As a double safety mechanism, it notifies users before acting and automatically saves open work.

It’s easy to manage enterprise-wide energy conservation with the built-in Faronics Core Console. You can easily schedule wake, shutdown, or restart events, as well as fine-tuning your configuration. Creating multiple Power Policies allows you to meet varying levels of demand and create the most aggressive power conservation plans for the right times and days to maximize your savings. When it comes to demonstrating rapid ROI, Power Save makes it easy with detailed energy use and savings reports based on local costs. It’s clear exactly how much you’re saving every day.

  • Smart power management is the name of the game with Faronics Power Save. Designed specifically to prevent disruptions to end-users or IT tasks, it analyzes more than just keyboard and mouse activity before going into power savings modes. It can analyze CPU, disk, network, and application status too to ensure it doesn’t wreak havoc on productive users. Before it takes any action, Power Save notifies users to save open data.
  • Detailed reporting provides the ultimate visibility for IT professionals and C-suite executives alike. Before you get started, you can run the Audit Mode to forecast your projected savings. Once you’re up and running, watch the power savings grow daily in kW/hr. Then calculate the savings based on local energy costs to impress your boss and be an IT hero. Share the savings with your whole organization by setting up the handy Power Save Dashboard. Accessible through the most popular Web browsers, now anyone can easily see your organization’s savings grow day by day.
  • Maximum flexibility is easy with Faronics Power Save. We know there are always exceptions to every rule and that’s where Power Save really shines. You define the exceptions that fit your environment. Whether you want to limit how long a user can over-ride their power settings or simply customize the messaging, Power Save has got you covered. And when users are working on mission critical projects using specified applications, you can automatically disable Power Save to prevent disruptions.
  • Central management is easy with the built-in Faronics Core Console. Now you can schedule wake and shutdown events for your entire enterprise with the click of a mouse. You can also adjust your settings to maximize your savings by creating multiple Power Policies to meet the varying demands at your organization. By taking advantage of downtime or the weekends, you’ll realize even more energy savings.

For a full list of features view online or download PDF.

System Requirements
The Power Save client computer requires Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Faronics Core system requirements can be found in the Faronics Core user guide. It is highly recommended that all components be installed using a Windows Administrator account.
  • Saving Over 36,000 kWh Monthly 
    With over 3000 machines running in 30 locations, ADT realized there was a lot of energy waste. But by going green and saving energy, they would also create substantial operational savings. Asking staff to practice smart energy was unsuccessful, so ADT turned to Faronics Power Save. IT loved the central control and automatic power settings that don’t rely on user compliance. Plus it’s low administration workload, makes it easy to manage, and the activity-based rules make it non-disruptive. Thanks to Power Save ADT was able to save over 36,000 kWh of power each month.
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  • Stretching Budgets Across School Districts
    Tasked with cutting costs, Redlands Unified School District saw a big opportunity with power management. With 5500 machines, not only could they reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce power consumption, but they could create clear operational savings. Faronics Power Save was a natural choice because it offered non-disruptive power management with detailed reports clearly demonstrating energy savings. Installation and configuration was a breeze for IT and now they enjoy $90,000 in savings each year.
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  • Creating Savings For Satellite & Radio Communications
    With a mobile workforce focused on development and production, off peak hours were hard to define at Thrane & Thrane. With 40% of IT energy costs coming from PC power consumption, it was clear there was room to improve. They turned to Faronics Power Save for a flexible solution that offered central control. Although finding budget is always a challenge, they’re happy to report $45,000 savings a year. Plus it was easy to install and configure flexible settings that met the needs of their diverse workforce.
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The Faronics Power Save dashboard significantly enhances the value of Faronics Power Save by extending the power consumption information to your entire organization via web technologies. Power Save information can now be published quickly and easily via an IIS server.

By making these statistics readily available, Energy Managers will no longer need access to IT systems to generate reports.  In order to get informed on energy consumption, the manager will simply connect using a Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. This saves time for IT by providing automated on-demand reporting services and lets them get back to the business of IT. Running reports and emailing them to facilities is now a thing of the past.

The real beauty of the Power Save Dashboard is that it comes with a set of widgets that give insight into the various aspects of power consumption. Information such as savings trends, hourly power consumption, top energy savers and overall savings can now be viewed on single page. This provides viewers with the big picture of energy management and facilitates the measurement of savings goals. Each widget can be clicked on to launch a detailed report that can be printed out or exported into excel, text and other formats.

Download the Faronics Power Save Dashboard from here.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the dashboard can be found in the dashboard manual.

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