Faronics Power Save and Softchoice
"Rolling it out was easy; we had it up and running within weeks. The deployment was seamless for local IT staff at the various branches and there have yet to be any issues."
- Melissa Alvares, Manager, Softchoice
Challenges faced

Softchoice is one of North America’s leading providers of technology solutions and services. They assist businesses and organizations of all sizes to select, acquire, and manage their software and hardware technology resources. Like most companies focused on sustainability, Softchoice was aware they could substantially reduce their computer energy consumption by employing a dedicated PC power management strategy. Because there was no existing dedicated PC power management strategy, users randomly powered down their PCs. Some would shut down at night while others would directly enter into a sleep mode. There were also many units left on continuously over the weekend.

A Solution That Worked

The IT Staff initially deployed Power Save in the Toronto office (approximately 300 desktops) and immediately saw results. Softchoice especially enjoyed the Audit Mode Feature, which gives organizations a snapshot of their energy usage and projected savings. Through the rollout of Power Save, Softchoice has now reduced its energy consumption by 130,000 kWh per year. That is the equivalent of $39,000 in utility savings over three years and Softchoice couldn’t be happier.

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Faronics Power Save and Softchoice