Faronics Deep Freeze, Anti-Virus & Power Save and School District Pierre-Neveu
“Deep Freeze has helped us to dramatically improve productivity and machine availability. After installing Faronics Anti-Virus, it gave a second life to some of our older computers. Faronics Power Save has created a lot of energy savings, while multiple Power Plans give us the flexibility to meet everyone’s different needs. Compared to before, most end users are happy with our energy savings program.”
- Hugo Charbonneau, Engineer & Director of Technology and Operations
Challenges Faced

School District Pierre-Neveu located in Mont-Laurier, Quebec, instructs over 4500 students. The district is sprawled across 27 locations and they have 2300 workstations running Windows XP or Windows 7. There are 10 physical servers and almost 30 virtual servers that form the backbone of the operation. With over 2300 workstations, the energy costs were steep. Security efforts were thwarted with several key challenges including malware and rogue software installations. Other challenges included catching viruses and preventing workstation configuration changes.

A Solution That Worked

The School District Pierre-Neveu deployed Deep Freeze, Faronics Anti-Virus, and Power Save. With Deep Freeze, unwanted software and malware were erased upon reboot thereby increasing the security on the workstations. With Faronics Anti-Virus, all workstations were kept secure by cleaning all the viruses. Power Save helped save energy costs by shutting down idle workstations.

Learn how Faronics’ solutions helped the six IT Technicians in School District Pierre-Neveu regain control of their 2300 workstations sprawled across 27 locations.

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