Faronics Power Save and Redlands Unified School District
"The installation of Power Save was extremely easy and the software has not created any additional time demands for our busy IT team."
- David Massaro, Technology Services Coordinator
Challenges faced

Redlands Unified School District (RUSD) is a California-based school district, serving over 21,000 students. RUSD currently has over 7,000 Windows computers across the district, supported by 75 servers. Like many school districts, RUSD was mandated to cut costs and realize savings wherever possible. The district did not have an existing power management strategy in place, and therefore manually shutdown their computers every night.

A Solution That Worked

As an already satisfied customer of Faronics Deep Freeze (an instant system restore solution) and Faronics Insight (a classroom management solution), RUSD didn’t hesitate to choose Faronics Power Save as their power management solution of choice. The PC energy reducing software is now deployed on over 5,500 computers at RUSD. There are two dedicated servers that manage all Power Save PCs in the district’s office, and the software has been configured to ensure the most efficient savings without any end-user disruption. RUSD has now managed to save over $90,000 in energy costs in a year for their 5,500 computers, and the school district couldn’t be happier.