According to the latest cyber security study from the Ponemon Institute:

  • Compliance is an important objective for organisations because only 15 percent want to do the minimum with regulations
  • Laptops and mobile devices are vulnerable and lack cyber security readiness
  • 73 % say file and full disk encryption technologies are either not deployed or only partially deployed on endpoints
  • Proliferation of end-user devices, including BYOD, is the most serious security threat
  • 74 % say security risks are only identified by informal observations


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We are pleased to present the findings of State of SMB Cyber Security Readiness: UK Study conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Faronics. The purpose of the study was to understand the cyber and data breach experience of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). With cyber threats on the rise, data breaches are affecting organizations of all sizes and industries. Attacks are on the rise and most organizations are being attacked multiple times. The impact of an attack extends beyond simply repairing the breach and the road to recovery is long dealing with reputation damage and distressed customers. It delivers a hefty blow to the bottom line.

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