Smartphones Get Smarter With Ayoudo

Smartphones Get Smarter With Ayoudo

Smartphones (and their apps) are great organizational tools. You can use your phone to make sure you eat healthier, to force yourself to attend those early morning gym sessions, and for most of your banking needs. Now you can also use your phone to find someone to complete all those tasks on your to-do list by checking out Ayoudo.

Ayoudo is a mobile and web app that connects helpers to users who need to complete a job or task. Users post their job details and price, select a helper who has applied for the job, and the helper completes the job and is paid.  Both job posters and users rate each other on the site as a sort of quality control – not unlike ratings on eBay.

So far the app is only available for iPhone, but until other platforms are supported you can get the same amount of access through the web app. You have to hand it to Ayoudo, they are certainly using social media to their advantage to promote their services. They’ve even got parents turning to Ayoudo as a strategy to manage childcare during the teachers’ strike.

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Jennifer Graham

An eternal student, Jennifer gets her kicks observing, analyzing, and writing about people and culture. When away from the HR Department at Faronics she can be found enjoying good food, Android smartphone in hand.

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