You’ve been hacked! Now what?

The biggest data breach just happened. eBay just got hacked and over 145 million records were accessed. eBay has advised all its users to change their passwords immediately. If you have an eBay account, you must change your password right away. With the increase in the frequency of security breaches, it is important for you to follow strict safety guidelines.

Secure your credentials

  • Keep changing your passwords at regular intervals. Don’t wait for a breach to happen.
  • Use complex passwords. Alpha-numeric passwords with special characters are the most secure.
  • Use a separate email for sign-up. This email must be different from the email used for regular communication.
  • Use Two-factor authentication wherever available.

Ensure safe financial transactions online

  • Use PayPal instead of using your credit cards. This way, you don’t really have to share your credit card numbers.
  • Use prepaid credit cards.
  • Ensure the online transaction is secure. Look for https:// symbol before transacting online.
  • Do not perform transactions from public computers.
  • Do not use public WiFi.
  • Use a VPN program if you must use a public WiFi.

Avoid Spoofed websites or Emails

Protect your computer

By far, the most ignored security precaution is protecting the computer you transact on. Unless the computer is protected, other precautions don’t really matter. Whether it is your home or business computer, the following security programs will help keep your data and identity secure:

As an end-user, there’s nothing you can do to protect websites from a security breach. However, following strict safety guidelines and protecting your computers will keep your identity safe.

Follow the security guidelines and stay safe online. And make sure you change your passwords before the next security breach.

About The Author

Sri Raghu

Sri writes the user documentation for Faronics’ products. He likes to try out different apps on his computers and smartphone. He reads too many articles on the future of technology, which makes him extremely paranoid about where technology might be going!

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