Power saving software makes energy-efficient computers even better

Power saving software makes energy-efficient computers even better

The transformation of smartphones, tablets and slimline laptops into important corporate assets has done more than change how companies do business. This mobility trend has also fast-tracked improvements in PC power usage, resulting in increasingly smaller machines that can perform sophisticated tasks while using less energy than legacy models. With power management software, companies can enjoy additional efficiency gains from hardware.

New MacBook Pro demonstrates balance of high performance and low-power usage
One example of this phenomenon is the latest iteration of Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro. With the help of an Intel Haswell processor, it gets up to nine hours of battery life, compared to the seven hours of its predecessor.

At the same time, the 13-inch model is smaller than ever, with a body that is less than an inch thick and weighs only 3.46 lbs. An extra boost comes from the newly released OS X Mavericks that gives all Macs an extra hour of Web browsing time per charge. Amid all of these optimizations, the new MacBook Pro still contains components optimized for heavy workloads, demonstrating the possibility of balancing energy efficiency and performance.

Developments in mobile processors and experimental computers may provide even better insight into the evolution of power-performance balance. Although farfetched for now, low-power carbon nanotube technology illustrates the destination that smartphone chips could reach after years of refinement. For example, the iPhone 5S’s A7 chip has twice the performance of its predecessor, but consumes only half as much power.

As computers become better at doing more tasks using less battery charge, enterprises can reap more benefits by using PC power management software. These solutions intelligently analyze the full system before putting it into savings mode. As a result, business users can rest assured that all work and disk states are preserved, making energy management tools a natural complement to increasingly efficient PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

Computer power management contributes to across-the-board savings for companies
More importantly, solutions that optimize PC power usage empower businesses to save money by trimming electricity bills and prolonging the life spans of hardware assets.

While individual consumers can save hundreds of dollars each year by pursuing simple best practices like regularly putting computers into sleep mode or unplugging fully charged gadgets, enterprises can enjoy similar savings at scale with power optimization software. Power saving software has the added benefit of working with a variety of operating systems and hardware types, meaning that it can turn even an older, less efficient desktop into an efficient machine.

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