Conserving energy, electricity costs with power saving software

Conserving energy, electricity costs with power saving software

Computers have become an inseparable work place tool with their ever growing utility. Whether these are used on a daily basis or only occasionally when employees are on-premise, desktops can significantly contribute to company electricity costs.

In this day and age, there is more of a focus on leveraging sustainable processes than ever before. In this spirit, businesses across a range of industries are looking for ways to shrink their environmental impact through energy conservation. One way to achieve this is through the use of pc power management software, which can help the organization better manage the amount of energy used by office computers.

The average desktop uses 65 to 250 watts of energy on a regular basis. Computers with LCD monitors utilize 20-40 additional watts and even laptops can consume up to 60 watts of energy. Although putting the machine on standby helps, sleeping PCs can still use as much as 6 watts. As the national average per kilowatt hour stands at just over 12 cents, this can translate to as much as $631 in energy costs a year for a single desktop. If a company has 100 computers on its premise, their electricity expenditures could exceed $6,000 a year, and this doesn’t include all the other appliances and energy-dependent technologies.

Enterprises need an industry-leading solution to curb their power costs while helping to conserve electricity. Thankfully, a system like this already exists within Faronics’ Power Save Enterprise. This energy saving software has customizable settings, enabling administrators to intelligently manage computers for different users. Settings can also be adjusted so that power is managed according to the time or day. This is particularly helpful for offices with set schedules as computers can be set to enter power save mode after employees have left for the day or the weekend.

Power Save Enterprise offers flexible, central management of corporate desktops to reduce energy consumption as well as electricity bills.

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