Power Save Dashboard Beta Program

Power Save Dashboard Beta Program

We are pleased to announce the beta program of the new Power Save dashboard. Power Save is intelligent PC power management software that allows power saving actions to be taken on workstation in a manner that does not disrupt users.  The new dashboard significantly enhances Faronics Power Save by extending the power consumption information to your entire organization via web technologies.

Power Save information can now be published quickly and easily via an IIS server. By making these statistics readily available, Energy Managers will no longer need access to IT systems to generate reports.  In order to get informed on energy consumption, the manager will simply connect using a Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. This saves time for IT by providing automated on-demand reporting services and lets them get back to the business of IT. Running reports and emailing them to facilities is now a thing of the past.

The real beauty of the Power Save Dashboard is that it comes with a set of widgets that give insight into the various aspects of power consumption. Information such as savings trends, hourly power consumption, top energy savers and overall savings can now be viewed on single page. This provides viewers with the big picture of energy management and facilitates the measurement of savings goals. Each widget can be clicked on to launch a detailed report that can be printed out or exported into excel, text and other formats.

If you are an existing Faronics Power Save customer and you are looking for a way to easily access your power savings reports, please consider joining the beta program.  This will give you the chance to have direct input into the design of this product to ensure that it works for you.  Please contact me at for more information.

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