Polar Bears Aren’t The Only Ones Concerned With Green IT

Polar Bears Aren’t The Only Ones Concerned With Green IT

I read a blog piece last week where the author stated no-one gives two hoots about green IT and that wouldn’t change until polar bears start paying tax. A quick scroll up and down the case studies listed on the Carbon Trust’s website however tells a whole different story.

The case studies are all of leading enterprise companies and public sector organisations. Each study talks of the millions of dollars they’re saving and their compliance with government legislation. Sounds like more than two hoots to me.

The national press are also interested in Green IT too. The UK broadsheet The Sunday Telegraph carried a special Eco report this weekend on green ICT and it was a very interesting read.

Energy efficiency is a major concern for organisations, but a recent RWE npower survey found that just 66% of them have a strategy to manage it.

It’s likely more and more organisations are going to have to report their energy use and carbon emissions in the years to come. Not just the large organisations either. Green IT should be the driving force to do this.

While we wait on those tax cheques from the big white bears, power still costs money. In these frugal times we still need to think how to ICT save. There are still some easy green wins that can be achieved. Check out the Eco report here.

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