Protect Your Lion With The Help Of Our Bear

By Ryan Majeau

Lion and Bear PhotoAs confirmed yesterday, Mac OS X Lion was released into the wild this morning through the Mac App Store. Right on its heels Faronics has let its own beast out of the cage, Deep Freeze Mac 5.0!  At Faronics, we recognize the importance of supporting the latest Mac operating systems right out of the gate.  This highlights our commitment to providing our customers with immediate support of any major operating system upgrade.

“We are committed to supporting the Mac/Windows or Mac-only users who make up a significant number of our customers.” said Dmitry Shesterin, Vice President of Marketing for Faronics.  “Macintosh users can be assured that our latest version of Deep Freeze offers the same vigorous protection of their updated workstations.”

As your Users discover all of the 250+ new features OS X Lion brings to the Mac Desktop, you can be sure that Deep Freeze Mac 5.0—like its predecessors—will ensure that with a single reboot your computers will return to their original states. Any unauthorized changes will be eliminated.

Experience the benefits of OS X Lion with the protection of a polar bear. Download Deep Freeze Mac 5.0 today.

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Ryan Majeau

Ryan loves technology, reading and writing about new trends or playing with new gadgets—and yes he uses three monitors. Ryan is guilty of drinking the kool-aid every now and then, is a bit of a Facebook junkie and a devout Apple fanboy (in case you couldn’t tell).

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