More Teachers Opt For Digital Resources [INFOGRAPHIC]

More Teachers Opt For Digital Resources [INFOGRAPHIC]

We hear a lot these days about schools adopting more and more classroom technology. With today being Digital Learning Day, PBS Learning Media wanted to conduct a survey on just how many teachers are opting to introduce more tech into their classes. They’ve compiled their results into a great infographic, see for yourself.

The national survey asked pre-K to grade 12 teachers about their use of technology in the classroom. I was excited to see that 74% of teachers have opted to go digital when it comes to their classes. Classroom technology helps to eliminate distractions and guide student progress.

SmartBoards are a great craze right now, but that style of learning pays homage to the old skool way of doing things. Teachers want to do more with their classes (69% said this), and enhance collaboration between their students. That means you’ll be seeing a lot more tablets, eReaders and computers. Bring on the BYOD!

Take a look at the results for yourself. What do you think of these results?

Teachers embrace digital resources to propel learning

Infographic by PBS Learning Media, outlining how many teachers are encorporating digital resources into their classrooms

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