Improving productivity with Deep Freeze: Free up IT personnel

Improving productivity with Deep Freeze: Free up IT personnel

There are several system restore software options on the market today, but none can match the capabilities and flexible tools provided by Deep Freeze. Faronics‘ main solution brings a number of advantages to the table – boosted security and data retention, just to name a few – but its major benefits involve the productivity gains that can be gleaned from its use. Especially when it comes to a company’s IT team, Deep Freeze can unlock valuable abilities for these employees, freeing up their time to deal with other mission-critical aspects within the business.

But just how exactly can a single computer program do so much good? Consider the following benefits of Deep Freeze and their ability to increase productivity, especially where IT workers are concerned.

Start fresh with each restart
The typical staff member is notorious for changing the settings on their workstations to suit their own needs and individual tastes. However, these adjustments can sometimes pose a threat to security, or could be an inappropriate use of the machine. No doubt there are many supervisors that wish their employee’s computer didn’t have that bikini-clad background in place. With Deep Freeze, a simple restart is all that’s needed to restore the regular settings on any desktop. Deep Freeze commits settings to memory, so that the computer returns to its original state after each restart. This way, IT personnel don’t have to manually return workstations to the appropriate settings.

Help employees deal with issues themselves
Besides offering the ability to maintain the best system settings, Deep Freeze also allows employees to troubleshoot certain issues themselves. The Faronics tool has proven to decrease calls and requests to the IT helpdesk by as much as 63 percent. This way, those in charge of computer maintenance can turn their attention to other important tasks instead of being chained to the helpdesk.

Capabilities for central management
However, when there does come a time when IT employees need to interact with the system restore software, Deep Freeze makes these actions more streamlined as well. Other programs require operations to be carried out from the individual workstation. Deep Freeze, on the other hand, offers central management capabilities, meaning IT administrators can leverage the system console to remotely connect with every computer the solution covers.

Ability to streamline automated updates
On top of all the other advantages, Deep Freeze can also make computer maintenance much easier for IT teams through streamlined automated updates. Instead of engaging in the painstaking task of installing patches for each workstation, Deep Freeze allows IT workers to automatically download updates even when systems are frozen.

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