Do you want to be the next Target?

Do you want to be the next Target?

Over 40 million credit card numbers were stolen from Point-of-sale (POS) systems in over 1800 retail stores. According to CNET, this number now seems to be higher and could go up to 110 million! The retail giant just replaced its CEO due to the breach.

Why are POS systems so vulnerable?
According to InformationWeek, Memory Scraping Malware can avoid traditional Anti-Virus solutions and firewalls. Advanced network security, software updates, and traditional Anti-Virus solutions may not be enough to protect POS systems.

Protecting POS systems with a Reboot-to-Restore solution
A Reboot-to-Restore solution reverts the computer to the pre-defined configuration upon every reboot. If a malware enters the POS system, it is erased upon the next reboot. POS systems can be rebooted when the shift changes and a new cashier logs on. This would ensure a clean system throughout the day.

Preserving POS configuration
Apart from avoiding malware on POS systems, a Reboot-to-Restore solution also protects the system from a crash. If the computer is down, all you have to do is reboot and the system is back to its original functional configuration. This saves valuable IT resources for retailers. If the POS register keeps ringing, the money keeps coming in.

Using a Cloud-based solution to protect computers
The biggest challenge for retailers is to protect the POS systems and IT infrastructure from malware. Once a malware enters the network, all computers within the network may be rendered vulnerable. Using a cloud-based solution ensures that the management console is hosted on the cloud and away from the internal network. In the event of a network intrusion, the management console is always protected since the malware cannot spread to the cloud.

Managing POS systems across multiple locations
A challenge faced by large retailers is managing POS systems across multiple geographic locations and time zones. Using a cloud-based solution can solve this problem. Since the console is hosted on the cloud, POS systems across multiple locations can be managed from a single browser interface. Multiple management consoles are not required to be installed in every location saving valuable IT resources.

What’s really at stake?
The breach faced by the retail giant has now forced all retailers to rethink their security strategy. Avoiding legal costs, preserving brand value, and protecting customer confidence are just a few of the benefits that are driving retail companies towards protecting their POS systems.

Is your POS system protected? Or, do you want to be the next Target?

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