5 tech tools to launch learning

5 tech tools to launch learning

New tech tools can help teachers manage their classrooms, enhance learning.

New tech tools can help teachers manage their classrooms, enhance learning.

Classroom computers make it easier than ever for kids to find things online, but opening the school to the entire world of information can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Teachers are suddenly being asked to not only protect kids at school, but online as well.

A lot of great tools have become available to help them do this. Our Insight program gives teachers more power than they’ve had before. It can also help them keep kids focused on learning and classroom activities. When in math class, kids shouldn’t be checking Facebook or watching the newest episode of Glee. With Insight, teachers can monitor what their students are doing from their own workstations. Plus, schools can blacklist websites that aren’t appropriate.

But Insight is only one of many tools that are now helping teachers and students. Consider incorporating some of these ones into your classes.

  1. Banzai: This is a great tool for teachers who want to instruct their students about financial responsibility. Taxes, auto insurance and other real-life topics are included. A perfect fit for high school.
  2. Digital Passport: This site combines games and videos to make it fun for kids to learn about digital safety. It’s great for elementary schools!
  3. Explain Everything: This can help teachers create dynamic presentations on their iPads which can then be exported onto other devices.
  4. FreshBrain: This website makes it fun for teenagers to learn by centering work around a technology platform. Students can develop Facebook apps, make YouTube videos or create video games.

These are just a few of the many tools that are out there to help teachers introduce learning in a fun and new way. What do you think about these ideas? Can you recommend other websites, apps or tech tools that can be used in the classroom? Please share your thoughts below!

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