25 Worst Passwords Of 2011 – A List You Don’t Want To Be On

25 Worst Passwords Of 2011 – A List You Don’t Want To Be On

Why is it that social media has become a golden goose for cybercriminals?

How is it that cybercriminals can hack your friends’ Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkedin accounts and send you innocent looking posts that contain links to evil malware? The answer is weak passwords.

People have a tough time remembering all the passwords that today’s technology driven lifestyles demand. You need to know usernames and passwords for: email and networks at work, your bank account, your mobile phone account, your webmail, your social media account, etc… It’s hard enough for techies to keep up with these demands but for the average person it’s next to impossible. The solution? People pick something easy that they can remember and use the same username and password wherever they can.

Did you know that the most common password created across the internet was password? It’s really easy for cybercriminals to see these common passwords with something as simple as a Google search. With the sophisticated hacking tools they have, they can make short (i mean really short) work of most people’s passwords. Next thing you know, your best friend is posting on your wall telling you about how she lost weight or how to get a free iPad.

Here’s a list compiled by SplashData of the 25 worst passwords. If you see yours on this list then stay tuned. I’ve got some great advice on how to create a strong password.

1. password
2. 123456
4. qwerty
5. abc123
6. monkey
7. 1234567
8. letmein
9. trustno1
10. dragon
11. baseball
12. 111111
13. iloveyou
14. master
15. sunshine
16. ashley
17. bailey
18. passwOrd
19. shadow
20. 123123
21. 654321
22. superman
23. qazwsx
24. michael
25. football

Do any of those look familiar?

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Bim Parmar

Bim oversees all aspects of global marketing including corporate communications, product marketing, demand generation, and the company’s presence on the Web. He has over 16 years of experience in Enterprise and Security software working at McAfee Security and Business Objects.

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