Whitelisting solutions prevents the two chief tools used in an attack to give control to the hackers. Protect against the execution of unauthorised keyloggers and remote control access programs, which open your networks to cybercriminals. Anti-Executable from Faronics:

  • provide protection against malware, allowing only pre-approved applications to run
  • protect against zero-day and targeted attacks, designed to get around those blacklisting measures your typical anti-virus has in place
  • improve employee productivity and workstation efficiency

Download our whitepaper Blacklisting vs Whitelisting below to gain a greater insight into Whitelisting solutions and how they can benefit your network. In addition to network protection, Whitelisting solutions save money by reducing downtime, extending PC lifecycles, and reducing the volume of support tickets, all of which are after-effects of a malware attack on your network.

Safeguard your network against the threats malware and zero-day attacks with Application Whitelisting solution Anti-Executable. Click here to download an Evaluation Edition of Anti-Executable  today to experience  the benefits of a simple and secure option for total system control, supplying greater security to your network, and greater peace of mind for administrators.