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Since 1999, Faronics has been a pioneer of non-restrictive, reboot-to-restore technology. Evaluate Faronics Deep Freeze and see how you can have an unrestricted environment for users, yet provide full end-point protection that leaves your network and workstations safe and secure.

Deep Freeze provides a complete security solution for multiple environments, providing

  • reduced downtime and maintenance costs caused by malware threats and zero-day attacks
  • protection against spyware, keylogger and other information theft software
  • ability to maximise end-user productivity
  • assistance in reducing IT support tickets by 63%
  • increased network security and guarding against accidental downloading of viruses
  • ability to extend PC lifecycles and create substantial operational savings
  • full system stability

See how end users can have access to their machines at all times without wasting time waiting for IT to come and fix their machine.

Find out how you can eliminate the need to rebuild, re-image, or troubleshoot computers by resolving all software-related problems with a simple restart.

Learn how you can resolve workstation problems, saving IT the time consuming task of investigating, reducing your operational costs and extending PC lifecycles.

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