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You now have full access to the Cyber Security Readiness Report, conduct by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Faronics. You can download the reports and read the whitepapers below:


SMB State of Cyber Security Readiness Report

In this study, we surveyed 544 individuals in organisations with a headcount between 50 and 3,000 employees. Fifty-eight percent of respondents are at the supervisor level or higher with an average of more than 12 years experience. All respondents are familiar with their organisation’s security mission.

Some of the key findings from the cyber security study include:

  • Compliance is an important objective for organisations because only 15 percent want to do the minimum with regulations
  • Laptops and mobile devices are vulnerable and lack cyber security readiness
  • 73 % say file and full disk encryption technologies are either not deployed or only partially deployed on endpoints
  • Proliferation of end-user devices, including BYOD, is the most serious security threat
  • 74 % say security risks are only identified by informal observations
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Data Breaches – Expectation & Reality

Data security breaches can occur in any number of ways. If you were to ask the majority of the general public where they expected a data breach would be most likely to originate, they’d tell you that malware attacks and online data theft were the greatest threats to corporate data security. While data theft is a genuine problem that many small-to-medium businesses will have to defend themselves against in time, we have found that the majority of corporate data breaches are the result of mistakes or malpractice on behalf of the end user. 55% of those questioned identified ‘employee mistakes, incompetence or negligence’ as the greatest contributing factor to digital security breaches, while 32% also selected a ‘lack of guidance from management’ as a major problem in the preparation against data security threats, suggesting the issue runs deeper than the odd employee mistake.


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Small Businesses face failure through data breaches

This White Paper profiles two small businesses that we studied alongside the wider survey; their habits and the consequences of their data breaches reflect a number of similar stories told by other small businesses uncovered in our survey’s research. The eventual failing of both businesses less than a year after the breach should act as a shocking indication of the risks that many small businesses face, and what steps other businesses should take to prevent the same actions and patterns from being repeated in their own firms.


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