Welcome to the new generation of teaching. As more and more schools instruct through computers — how do teachers ensure students stay on task, maintain classroom control and drive student achievement?

Faronics unveils a new version of Insight — Instructional technology solution and classroom management (works on all flavors of PC, Apple, Ipods and Android). The concept is simple — it helps teachers instruct through technology and keeps students on task.

Join us and learn: How to keep the class focused with monitoring & control How to improve collaboration & communications How to simplify security, updates, power management, provide remote IT support with FREE Tech Console.

This exclusive webinar will cover:

• How to improve classroom control & monitoring
• How to improve student collaboration & communication
• How to make student testing & voting a breeze
• Ways to simplify tedious administration

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Date: 18th September 2012

Time: 3pm

Venue: Online

Sign up for the new Insight 7.7 webinar!