A recent news article found that data breaches have increased by 1000% in the past 5 years in the UK, with local government going up by 1609%. The value of personal data has amplified alongside this rise in data breaches, making it imperative for businesses to put security of their clients first. We examine the critical considerations when securing your network, looking at the aspects of control that need to be set, and configurations of the network. With ever-growing scrutiny on compliance with each news story on data breaches, we identify the best practices for ensuring the implementing and meeting of robust compliance policies, along with the financial and reputational costs to your business.

Join us for this webinar where we identify the compliance, cost, configuration and control implications on locking down your network security, including

  • the need to stop unauthorised programs from running, helping you secure customer records
  • meeting industry compliance regulations
  • why we need to balance security with flexibility
  • how to protect against zero-day and targeted attacks, designed to get around those blacklisting measures your typical anti-virus has in place

Date: 9th October 2012

Time: 3pm

Venue: Online

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