Power Save Release Notes

Version 4.80.x.886 (September 26, 2019)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10 version 1903


23536 Resolved an issue where ‘Override Windows Power Option’ was not set without manually applying the policy. (Case No: KQV-189-73785, ORQ-474-73838)

27277 Resolved an issue where Faronics Core Power Save Full Operations Report cannot be set to an end date after June 23, 2019. (Case No. XHH-626-49227, OZH-126-42007, SKE-573-40704)

27605 Resolved an issue where the incorrect build number was displayed on Power Save Core Loadin InstallShield Wizard.

Known Issues

6448 After uninstalling Power Save locally, the workstation is not removed from Power Save node on Console.

6455 On Windows 8: Incorrect event updated for ‘Native Shutdown’ action as ‘Native hibernate’ on Console.

6664 On Windows 7 and Windows 8: If there is no user logged in then Override Windows Power Option does not work for Native Monitor off action.

12291 Energy Cost is displayed in ‘Cent’ (¢) for all languages.

12333 In exported HTML reports, in place of ‘€’ currency symbol a garbage value ‘€’ is displayed.

27620 Incorrect ‘Stay Awake’ time is displayed if workstation has different System and User date time format.


Version 4.70.3220.883 (September 03, 2015)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Include Windows Power Plan Savings
    The Full Operation Report generation dialogue now has a checkbox to include Windows Power Plan Savings in the report. By unchecking this checkbox, the report will show savings generated by Power Save only.
  • Policy Configuration Report added back – displays all the configuration settings for the Power Save policy.


9936 Resolved an issue where Power Save did not generate reports if the reporting period started before the date when Power Save was installed. (Case No: QAM-755-91724)

14708 Resolved an issue after assigning policy with scheduled ‘Shutdown’ event where, computers took shutdown action immediately. This occurred on the first of every month.

14709 Resolved an issue where Power Save service crashed after assigning policy with single ‘Shutdown’ event.

10667 Resolved an issue where the workstations were not going into sleep mode at the appropriate time. (Case No: CPT-147-78712)


Version 4.61.3220.860 (March 2015)


Fixed cosmetic issues.


Version 4.60.3220.857 (February 2014)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8.1


7589 Resolved an issue with Power Save and Faronics Core 3.71 where Scheduled task are not displaying workstations if it is scheduled against group with dynamic filter based on Power Save policy. (Case No: JDH-143-74593)

7619 Resolved an issue where Power Save was unable to generate report in any other currency rather than Dollar, Euro, Yuan and Yen.

8555 Resolved Power Save errors in the Application Event Log. (Case No: IGK-100-87764)


Version 4.50.3220.772 (November 2012)

New Features

  • Support for Windows 8.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012.
  • New policy based user interface. Power Plans are now called Power schedules, Policies are now Power Events and Power Plans, Policies, Configurations and Costs are now combined into a central Policy interface. This provides a more intuitive workflow and better serves large installations. This approach is more set-it-and-forget-it.
  • Dynamic Configuration simplifies the configuration of a power event. Sensitivity settings are easily adjusted with a graphical interface.
  • Last Man Standing: Computers designated a Wake on LAN relays will now stay awake in order to wake other computers across subnets.
  • New feature will disable power management when the computer shifts to a wireless network.
  • Eco-facts now display actual local computer energy savings to date.
  • Users can now put a computer to sleep via a single button and also request a change to a power policy. This can also be disabled by administrators.
  • Power Save can now send alerts to the Faronics Core Console (1 month license expiration, license expired, outdated clients, user requests sensitivity change.)
  • Power Save now supports blended rates. Varied power consumption rates charged at different times of the day can now be factored into the Power Savings. Off-peak, Mid-peak and peak hours can now be represented by different electrical prices.
  • Power Save is now available in Portuguese (Brazilian).


2340 Resolved an inconsistent behavior: Custom ECP could be applied to MAC client if more than one workstation was selected, but cannot be if one Mac was selected.

2409 Resolved an issue on a shared database: Power Plan, Power Policy and ECP from one Faronics Core Server might be overwritten with settings from another Faronics Core Server.

4481 Resolved an issue after DB import, when applying Power Plan to the workstation, Power Plan ID is not updated under ‘RDB’ ‘PSE_Workstations table’.

4500 Resolved an issue where System Tasks were launched against Mac workstations.

5664 Resolved an issue of incorrect error message when pushing Power Save client on a server machine.

6524 Resolved an issue where, after installing Power Save locally and clicking ‘No’ on restart required message, workstation did not go into ‘Restart required’ mode.


Version 4.42.3220.746 (August 2012)


2084 Resolved an issue where Power Save was not performing at an optimal level. (Case No: NNP-452-70253)

4214 Resolved an issue where Power Save created a power profile in Windows 7 power management. (Case No: ZYP-187-69083)

4270 Resolved SQL error ‘Converting data type VARCHAR to DATETIME data type created value out of range.’ (Case No: NBB-124-86634)

4473 Resolved an issue where PowerSaveService.exe used very high RAM. (Case No: PVD-609-94278)

5555 Resolved an issue where Faronics Core took a long time to display a workstation if the workstation reported an Energy Consumption Profile that was not present in PowerSave.xml.

5587 Resolved an issue where Native Standby and Native Hibernate events were not updated on Faronics Core Console.


Version 4.41.3220.743 (January 2012)


TT788 Resolved an issue where the word Estimated was used in some headings in Full Operation report on Japanese systems.

TT789 Resolved an issue where the reports for Mac workstations were calculated using the Default Energy Consumption Profile even when the workstations had custom Energy Consumption Profile assigned.

TT790 Resolved an issue where an improper failure message was displayed if Faronics StorageSpace was not found during the Power Save Client installation.

TT791 Resolved an issue where the total number of workstations displayed in the reports for Custom Workstation Groups was incorrect. (Case No: UYB-717-99384)

FB2086 Resolved an issue where Power Save could not export a Power Save Configuration Template to an MST file. (Case No: XYZ-110-96055)

FB2117 Resolved an issue where Power Save used excessive system resources. (Case No: NIX-797-25569)

FB2276 Resolved an issue where the Power Save notification was displayed only once on the remote workstation if the remote user was different than the user already logged on to the workstation.

FB2277 Resolved an issue where the monitor comes online due to a keyboard and mouse activity, but the Last Event of Power Save still displays Monitor Off.

FB2228 Resolved an issue where an Exception Error was displayed under the Windows Event Viewer if the workstation sent an unknown events to Faronics Core Console.


Version 4.40.3220.731

New Features

  • Compatibility with the new Reporting Database in Faronics Core 3.35 or higher
    The Reporting Database significantly speeds up report generation and additionally allows querying by third party tools such as Crystal Reports.


733 Resolved issue where an empty Power Save folder was created under Faronics StorageSpace and a Power Save registry entry was created while trying to install Power Save client on a Server Operating System.

737 Resolved issue where the Power Save CLI did not launch user interface as expected (user guide updated to that effect). (Case No: YZM-147-32312)

740 Resolved issue where the Power Save settings were not applied when the users logged off (Windows Power Options not overridden by Power Save when no user logged on). (Case No: NQE-614-25744)

748 Resolved issue where incorrect status was displayed after applying configuration to expired Power Save workstation as succeeded.

751 Resolved issue where multiple message boxes were displayed while trying to open the Configure Power Save dialog. This occurred only when the Faronics Core Agent is installed on the Faronics Core Server computer and None was selected under Actions allowed to run on Faronics Core Server.

752 Resolved issue where Power Save remained in Restart Required mode even after system restart.

754 Resolved issue where the Power Save folder was created under Faronics StorageSpace even when the installation process was cancelled and it was not possible to uninstall Faronics Core Agent.

757 Resolved issue when Power Save was in deferred mode for 2 hours and on reducing local wake-up time to 1 hour from Faronics Core Console, the deferred mode resumed and Power Save went to Full Mode.

758 Resolved issue where the Power Save password was removed while updating the password.

765 Resolved issue were, if multiple users were logged in and Power Save was uninstalled, an empty Power Save folder remained under the Faronics StorageSpace folder.

782 Resolved issue where the Chinese translation string for a title in all Full Mode reports was incorrect.

783 Resolved issue where a Japanese string was used in the System Activity report in Chinese.

785 Resolved issue where incorrect Japanese strings were used in Full Operation report.

786 Resolved issue where the text in Japanese was incorrectly displayed in the Energy Plan Assistant wizard.

787 Resolved issue of incorrect translation in all Audit Mode reports in Chinese.


Version 4.31.3220.710


713 Resolved issue that could cause a BSOD when remotely controlling a workstation. (Case: 76-36857)

714 Resolved performance related issue related to expiry notification.

717 Resolved an issue where Faronics Core Console was unable to connect to Faronics Core Service.

722 Resolved an issue where Power Save did not take the Monitor Off action if no user was logged in.

724 Resolved issue that could prevent the Power Save service from starting. (Case: 170-44653)


Version 4.30.3220.702

New Features

  • Schedule Local Wake Up: Users can schedule their workstations to wake up from Standby or Hibernate mode. Users can also defer power management for a specified period of time.
  • System Activity Report: Users can generate a report that displays the Power Save, Faronics Core and Windows events on the workstation.
  • Top 25 Workstations Report: Users can generate a report that ranks the top 25 workstations that saved the most amount of energy.
  • Bottom 25 Workstations Report: Users can generate a report that ranks the bottom 25 workstations that saved the least amount of energy.


608 Resolved an issue where Power Save and Core Agents did not report settings correctly to Faronics Core.

674 Resolved an issue where Power Save checked all connected servers for currency value instead of selected servers for which the multi-server report is generated.

675 Resolved an issue where Storage Space drive path was not removed from the registry after uninstalling Power Save.

687 Resolved an issue where Stay Awake was still displayed on the workstation in the System Tray context menu even when this option was disabled via Faronics Core Console.

693 Resolved an issue where the Energy Consumption Profile was not editable when the Pre-populated Mac Profiles option was selected.

706 Resolved an issue where Disclaimer was displayed in Japanese in a report generated on a Chinese system.


Version 4.20.3220.684

New Features

  • Power Plan Assistant
    Power Plans can be easily configured based on answers to four simple questions.
  • Copy Power Plan
    Users can duplicate an existing Power Plan and make minor changes to optimize preferred Power Plan settings for another environment.
  • StorageSpace Support
    All Power Save configuration changes will now be retained across restarts even if Deep Freeze is in a Frozen state.
  • Power Plans Node
    All Power Plans are displayed as nodes under the Power Save Loadin in Faronics Core Console.
  • Install Power Save With Suppressed Reboot
    Option to defer the mandatory reboot after installation from Faronics Core.
  • Region Specific Energy Costs
    Search regional energy costs from within Power Save by country, region, and state for use in savings reports.
  • Save Open Documents Support for Lotus Notes
    Power Save will save open Lotus Notes files prior to a shutdown. Files supported include E-Mail drafts, to-do list, meeting planner, and calendar.
  • Automatic License Key Distribution
    The Power Save License Key only needs to be entered once and will then be automatically applied to all workstations running Power Save.
  • Automatic Power Plan and Policy Synchronization
    Power Save will automatically save changes made to a Power Plan or Power Policy that is already applied to a workstation.


519 Resolved incorrect tab sequence in the workstation UI.

553 The Resume Power Management option is now correctly disabled (grayed out) when Stay Awake is not enabled by the user.


Version 4.10.3220.652

New Features

  • Save Open Documents interface provides details on files saved by Power Save.
  • Resume from Standby option
    Requires the Windows user account password to be entered before resuming from standby or hibernate.
  • Optionally log the user out before entering a standby or hibernate state.
  • Stay Awake feature allows users to keep their computers awake by temporarily disabling PC power management.
  • Lighter and more efficient workstation user interface.


399 Resolved an issue that caused reports generated for multiple servers to be missing the Server Name column.

403 Resolved incorrect message dialog when uninstalling the Power Save Loadin.

404 Resolved an issue that could cause a report to be formatted incorrectly when multiple network interfaces existed on a workstation.

405 Resolved cosmetic issue with the Deep Freeze Compatibility option.

407 Japanese localizations only: Resolved missing localized strings.

444 Resolved incorrect message dialog when attempting to generate a report for a date that had no events in the Core Database.

447 Resolved issue that could result in group names being out of order in a report for custom workstation groups.

448 Non-English localizations only: Added publisher name to add/remove programs.

449 Non-English localizations only: Resolved localization errors in user guides.

451 German localization only: Resolved localization issue.

452 Resolved issue that would result in the Turn off hard disk after action becoming enabled in Old Power Policy.

454 Resolved issue that allowed the workstation UI to be closed without a warning dialog after making changes but not applying them.

455 Resolved issue that could cause a system to be unlocked briefly during a shut down action initiated by Power Save.

457 Resolved issue that could prevent systems from entering standby in certain circumstances.

493 Resolved issue that could prevent the Power Save workstation client from being installed in certain circumstances.

514 Resolved issue that could allow the keyboard and mouse to wake a workstation even if the option to do so was unchecked.


Version 4.00.3220.635

New Features

  • Multiple Power Plans & Policies
    Schedule varying levels of energy management on a daily or weekly basis.
  • MSI Transformation File Support
    Export Power Save workstation configurations as MST files to deploy along with the Power Save workstation MSI file.
  • Independent Battery Configuration
    Apply different power management settings when the computer is running on battery power.
  • Spin Down Hard Disks
    Power down hard drives if the computer is inactive.
  • Detect Network Activity
    Prevent the computer from powering down when network activity is detected.
  • Save Open Documents
    To ensure users do not lose their work, Power Save will save open documents before shutting a computer down.
  • Non-Critical Applications
    Prevent applications from interfering with Power Save’s power management actions by adding them to the Non-Critical Applications list.
  • Stealth Mode enhancements
    New Power Save Reports based on Power Plans, Custom Workstation Groups, and Configuration Settings.
  • Support for Windows 7.


226 Resolved an MMC error that occurred while installing the Power Save Loadin.

227 Resolved database performance issues.

228 Resolved issue where Power Save did not put the computers on Standby Mode when I-Series client session was open.

335 Resolved database performance issues.


Version 3.32.3220.586


223 Resolved issue that would result in the assigned Energy Consumption Profile being replaced by the default Energy Consumption Profile if the product’s evaluation period had expired and the computer was rebooted.

224 Resolved issue that could cause a crash when attempting to generate a report for a set of workstations if at least one of those workstations had been removed from the Faronics Core Console database.

225 Resolved issue that could cause poor performance or a crash when generating a report in some environments.


Version 3.31.3220.581


222 Resolved issue where Faronics Core Console exited abnormally when Power Save Expiry Notification was displayed.


Version 3.30.3220.580

New Features

  • Support added for the Active Tasks feature of Faronics Core Console v2.42.
  • Performance improvements when generating reports.
  • Additional columns in Faronics Core Console (Energy Consumption Profile, Computer Model, and Monitor Model).
  • Evaluation license expiry notification.


26 Resolved issue that could prevent Power Save from taking an expected action on a workstation if Start monitoring from first mouse/keyboard activity is unchecked and the workstation is remotely waken from hibernation or standby.

77 Resolved issue that could prevent the Last Event column in Faronics Core Console from being updated if a workstation is remotely waken from hibernation or standby.

130 Resolved issue that could prevent the Native Monitor Off event from being reported to the Faronics Core Console database in certain circumstances.


Version 3.20.3220.562

New Features

  • Password Protection
    Administrators now have the option to require users to enter a password before they can access the Power Save workstation client. This feature prevents users from making unauthorized changes to the workstation’s Power Save configuration.
  • Stealth Mode
    When activated, Stealth mode hides the Power Save system tray and Start menu icons. This reduces the user’s awareness about Power Save running on the workstation. If access to the user interface is required, a shortcut key combination will launch the Power Save workstation client.
  • Energy Consumption Profiles
    IT administrators that manage computers with varying power consumption levels can now create multiple profiles that are each tailored to a particular computer type. By matching the computer type with the respective energy consumption profile, the accuracy of the energy and dollar savings reported by Power Save is increased.
  • Improved Reporting
    The newly added Summary Report groups workstation savings by the various types of workstations and laptops in an environment. It is perfect for situations where IT administrators want a macro view of the total savings generated. The Audit mode reports now display the projected annual savings as calculated by Power Save. All reports now also include an email and print option.
  • Eco-Savings
    Power Save now reports on the environmental benefits that have been achieved by reducing computer energy waste. At the top of the Power Save report, there is an Eco-Savings box which calculates the environmental savings (such as trees saved, equivalents of CO2 reduced, etc.) achieved across the entire deployment.
  • Did you Know?
    When a user hovers over the Power Save system tray icon, a pop-up box educates the user about the environmental benefits of reducing computer energy waste.
  • Visual Enhancements
    The Power Save reports have all been updated to a new template that improves their clarity and appearance, making them easier to read and understand.
  • Simplified Chinese
    Power Save is now available in Simplified Chinese.
  • Online Help
    Help files are now available in CHM in addition to the existing PDF format.


120 Resolved issue where the Last Event in Faronics Core Console displayed the status as Running when Power Save was installed on a Microsoft Windows Vista workstation through Faronics Core Console and uninstalled directly from the workstation (via Add or Remove Programs, by running the .msi file or in Silent Mode).

121 Resolved issue where the message Some files that need to be updated are currently in use is displayed with Power Save VNC Monitor in the list of files. This occurred when Power Save was uninstalled via Add or Remove Programs or by running the .msi file.

166 Resolved issue in the Full Report. When the computer was shutdown or in hibernate mode and the calculation for Energy Consumed used 0 instead of Monitor Standby rate because, the monitor cannot be turned off completely.


Version 3.10.3220.533

New Features

  • Improved compatibility between Power Save and Core Console; events initiated from Core Console are now shown in Power Save reports.


160 Resolved issue in the French localization, where one string was actually in Spanish.

162 Resolved issue in the Total Power Consumption report that could cause incorrect results.


Version 3.0.3220.528


Resolved issue that would prevent PSK License Keys from being recognized correctly (this issue would only affect customers who purchased a Deep Freeze Windows/Mac combination license).


Version 3.0.3220.527

New Features

  • Faronics Licensing Scheme
    Provides the capability to convert an evaluation to a full version.
  • Quick Workstation Install
    Ability to install on workstations without pre-configured settings.
  • Deep Freeze Maintenance Compatibility UI
    Ability to recognize and accommodate a Deep Freeze Maintenance Schedule.
  • 32 & 64-bit Windows, Vista support.
  • Ability to schedule Power Save configuration updates.
  • Audit Mode with Audit Report
    In Audit Mode, Power Save will not take action on a workstation, but will report to the database when it could have taken action. This allows for an Audit Report that shows how much power could have been saved if Power Save had been running in Full Operation mode.
  • Windows Power Management status is displayed in Results Pane.
  • Command to Enable/Disable Windows Power Management.
  • Additional reporting fields per workstation
    IP Address, MAC Address, Energy Consumed (kWh), and Energy Saved (kWh).
  • Additional reporting fields for all workstations
    Total Energy Consumed and Total Energy Saved.


  • Resolved issue where the expiry date was displayed as Expires on 1/1/0001 in the About tab of the trial version.
  • Resolved issue where a black window popped up while installing Power Save on the workstation through Faronics Core Console.
  • Resolved issue where the word Uninstalled was missing after uninstalling Power Save.
  • Resolved issue where the Last Event status was not changed properly if Power Save performed actions such as Shutdown, Hibernation or Standby.
  • Resolved issue where Power Save stopped working when the repair action was cancelled towards the end of the repair process.
  • Resolved issue where the serial numbers were not displayed properly in the Power Save reports.
  • Resolved issue where an empty dialog with no specific reason was displayed.
  • Resolved issue where the CommonTypes1.1.dll and DataStoreAccess1.1.dll files were not removed after the Power Save Loadin was uninstalled.
  • Changed the column name Version (Power Save) to Version.
  • Resolved issue where the Power Save workstation installation error message on non-supported workstations (for example, Windows Server 2003) did not include Microsoft Windows Vista as one of the supported operating systems.
  • Resolved issue where the Power Save notification message was displayed correctly only once. This occurred when remotely accessing a Microsoft Windows XP or Vista computer on which Power Save is installed and enabled.
  • Resolved issue where the RDP controlled workstation displayed About to Hibernate or About to Standby instead of About to Shutdown. This occurred when Power Save tried to take action on these features when they were not supported on the workstation and the Shutdown option was selected.
  • Resolved issue where the Power Save notification was displayed on a computer connected through RDP to the Power Save workstation. This occurred when Power Save was trying to take the Hibernate or Standby action, and these features were not supported on the workstation while the Shutdown option in the Power Save configuration dialog was not selected.
  • Resolved issue where Faronics Power Save Loadin was displayed as Faronics_Power_Save_Loa on the screen where Power Save is reinstalled or modified.
  • Resolved issue where the Power Save notification dialog blacks out for a second when the Enter key was pressed. However, pressing other keys or moving the mouse did not create this error and the Power Save notification dialog disappeared.
  • Resolved issue where the message Your evaluation will expire today was displayed when the evaluation version of the Power Save Loadin connected to www.faronics.com.
  • Resolved cosmetic errors in the Power Save Loadin.
  • Resolved issue where Error applying Transforms Verify that the specified transform… message was displayed when trying to uninstall Power Save after cancelling the uninstallation process.


Version 2.0.3220.479

New Features

  • Supports Faronics Core Console v2.1 or later. (See Core Console release notes for more details).
  • Windows Vista support added.


  • Resolved issue where an error message would be displayed when changing monthly patterns for Power Save actions.
  • Resolved issue that could cause Power Save to not recognize mouse control from a remote system.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent Power Save from compiling an MSI file if it contained messages with non-English accented characters.
  • Resolved issue that could cause workstations to enter into a sleep state 30 seconds after a Wake on LAN packet had woken a remote workstation.
  • Added localizations for some error messages that previously were only available in English.


Version 1.11.3220.440


  • The Power Save Console provides improved functionality when the user’s system is configured with an unsupported language.
  • The Power Save workstation service has been improved to start up faster when the PC boots, making it ready for configuring Power Save settings sooner.
  • Resolved issue that could occur on Windows 2000 where a shutdown initiated by Power Save would show the ‘It is now safe to turn your computer off’ message, but would not actually shut the computer down.


Version 1.1.3220.431

New Features

  • Localized in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese


  • Resolved issue where the Power Save Console could not wakeup computer across subnets if no special settings were made on router in between subnets
  • Resolved issue where the number of installed workstations erroneously included workstations with ‘Switch to other Console’ status.
  • Resolved error when installing Console if operating system was on any drive but C:
  • Resolved issue where the Console erroneously reported that scheduled enable or disable tasks were successful, even if the workstation had not changed its status
  • Resolved issue where, if the Console was closed at the exact time that a task was scheduled to happen, that task would be stuck under the ‘Active’ node, and will remain in the computer’s ‘Scheduled Tasks’ list
  • Resolved issue where the Console would not appear in ‘Add/Remove Programs’ in Control Panel if a user was logged in to the computer with an administrator account different from the one used to install the Console
  • Resolved issue where the hard disk activity may have been incorrectly reported on computers with more than one physical hard disk
  • Resolved issue where workstation(s) could have been controlled from both old and new Consoles, if the workstation(s) failed to notify the old Console of the move; subsequent changes made on workstation(s) were ignored
  • Resolved issue where clicking Apply and OK in ‘Configure Workstation Event Reporting’ would result in settings being applied twice
  • Resolved issue where workstations cut from a sub-UserGroup and pasted into another group wouldn’t disappear automatically (until user refreshed view)