Measuring the ROI of Faronics Deep Freeze

Study Reveals Deep Freeze Substantially Lowers IT Support
by Kelly Batke – 04/18/11

Lowering IT support costs and providing a solid ROI for IT projects are crucial challenges for IT executives. System restore solutions, like Faronics Deep Freeze are a powerful tool to aid in the reduction of IT support costs. But just how verifiable is the proof?

Through an internal study of close to 25,000 Deep Freeze customers, Faronics has determined that their system restore software lowers IT support tickets by 63%.  Furthermore, Organizations using Deep Freeze support 12% more computers with the same staff compared to organizations not using Deep Freeze.

Organizations must always be conscious of the bottom line, but they must also balance restrictions with productivity. Excessive restrictions reduce personnel efficiency, relaxed policies result in additional costs associated with support. Deep Freeze provides that needed balance.

Deep Freeze’s patented technology makes computers immune to any software related issues, and assures IT that any changes are only temporary and will have no lasting effects on the protected computers. Thanks to Deep Freeze, organizations are able to lower their IT support costs while concurrently gaining efficiency for allocating their IT resources to other priorities.