Faronics Insight and Lewis and Clark Community College

Computer Lab Management Software Becomes Teachers’ Pet at Illinois Community College
by David Anderson

When student distractions due to classroom technology was disrupting learning at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, Illinois, instructors turned to their IT staff for help. The solution that was implemented has had instructors smiling ever since – computer lab management software.

As with most educational institutions, computer-based learning is integrated into the curriculum and is critical to the success of the College’s students. With all the benefits that this technology bring, it also creates new problems. How do instructors properly manage the lab computers? How do they eliminate distractions like internet surfing or social media? How can one teacher effectively monitor, communicate, and collaborate with a classroom of plugged-in students?

As a Deep Freeze user, Denise Erwin, Computer Support Specialist, was introduced to Faronics’ classroom management solution, Insight. After reviewing Faronics Insight, she knew she had discovered the solution to the problems the technology instructors were battling.

Faronics Insight enables the instructors to share their screen, provide remote assistance to students, and monitor classroom screens to ensure students are on task. Students also appreciate the benefits of Insight as they can request and receive help directly in their workstation session.

“I’m glad that our instructors find Insight extremely easy and intuitive to use.”

Now that Lewis and Clark Community College have computer lab management software in place, classroom instruction is less likely to be disrupted and the learning experience is enhanced.


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