Faronics Deep Freeze and Edinburgh Napier University

With nearly 20,000 students enrolled across undergraduate and postgraduate programs, Edinburgh Napier University comprises of both onshore and offshore campuses. The university also offers online programs, and has students from across 140 countries. An award-winning and globally acknowledged university, Edinburgh Napier has several innovative provisions to enhance the learning experience of students. The laptop loan service is one of the commendable acilities offered by the university that has gained momentum among students.

Their IT admins were on the hunt for a technology that would eliminate the need for the complex and time consuming re-imaging process. In other words, the need of the hour was a solution to simplify system maintenance and anagement.
Authorities identified few products that seemed capable of resolving the pressing IT issues that Edinburgh Napier University was experiencing.

“We knew that we wanted this kind of system in place, and although there were a few available, Deep Freeze appeared to be the most mature product, with excellent remote console capabilities. We tried the various available solutions on several models of our laptops (and the occasional workstation) for stability and
security. Offerings by various vendors were deployed on a few workstations for testing their capacity to combat the challenges. Deep Freeze Enterprise emerged as the most suitable solution with robust capabilities to address the issues.” – Donald Ross, Senior IT Developer, Information Services

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