Faronics Deep Freeze and Freedom First Credit Union

Deep Freeze and Freedom First Credit union – Keyword: Endpoint Protection
by Braden Cave – 04/18/11

Freedom First Credit Union turns to the total endpoint protection of Faronics Deep Freeze.

With assets of $275 million, the Roanoke-based credit union provides low-cost, high-value, personal financial services to approximately 36,000 members throughout Virginia. Freedom First’s IT department was searching for ways to minimize the lost IT and employee productivity that occurred when their endpoint computers were compromised.

They had no way to determine that a machine was compromised until after the problem occurred and required troubleshooting. PCs that did require a rebuild were often unavailable for several hours and required reimaging.

The IT team tested Deep Freeze’s endpoint protection thoroughly going to extremes such as bringing their test workstations to a blue screen, which usually means the workstation is corrupted beyond repair. “Deep Freeze passed the tests with flying colors and upon reboot, our test PCs returned to their initial state. We tried to break the product and see its limitations, but it was indestructible and we loved it,” says Jeff Morehart, Network Technician for Freedom First Credit Union.

Deep Freeze protects endpoint configurations by restoring the computer settings to their original condition with a simple reboot. Also, because Deep Freeze removes any unwanted software with each reboot, it is another tool to help the credit union in their compliance and data protection efforts.

“It has really simplified our lives. Now, there are two choices for each malfunctioning workstation: it’s a hardware problem, or we simply need to reboot,” said Morehart. Since Deep Freeze was implemented, IT simply reboots the workstations every evening to eradicate any possible issues.


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