Faronics Deep Freeze and Age UK

Retail Shops estate of Age UK hosts a strong IT network comprising 450 computers. Retail PCs are the backbone of critical business and back-office operations. The systems were used for various purposes ranging from printing barcodes to Training and Payroll functions. Managing the volunteer network was another critical task. On the other hand, the local data load on the systems kept building up, which impacted the PC performance. While minor issues were sidestepped, downtime of over three hours a day or more for PC maintenance, severely hampered productivity of the outlets.

Solution: Age UK needed a robust and cost-effective cloud-based solution to address the IT challenges as the
situation was getting increasingly chaotic with each passing day. After careful evaluation of a few
options that the market had to offer, the organization decided to opt for Deep Freeze by Faronics
Corporation. The authorities at Age UK found Deep Freeze’s capabilities relevant and effective in
lowering the support load and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the computers.

“Deep Freeze has the ability to view the entire PC estate at the click of a button and also has a
dashboard that helps in quickly highlighting any potential issues at a glance.” – Danny Court, Project Manager, Age UK.

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