Faronics Anti-Virus & Deep Freeze and Ballston Spa Central School District

Faronics Deep Freeze Gives Ballston Spa Central School District an Alternative to Computer Imaging
by Ryan Majeau – 04/18/11

If you had 4,200 students and over 1,700 workstations in your school district, you can only imagine the daily wear and tear to your IT infrastructure. System errors, blue screens of death and busted DVD drives. And those are only from the students using them! With the threat of malware growing each day, keeping up with it is a full time job itself. This was the story all too familiar to the tech staff in the Ballston Spa Central School District.

Staff would rebuild and reimage computers weekly and their anti-virus efforts came with a price to network and system performance. If the computers weren’t updated they were even more vulnerable to malware threats. They needed an alternative to computer imaging that worked seamlessly with a network-efficient anti-virus solution. They needed Faronics.

With solutions that are easy to use and deliver significant value, Faronics gave the tech staff an alternative to computer imaging that ensured full system uptime. Faronics Deep Freeze restores original workstation configurations with a simple reboot and works seamlessly with Faronics Anti-Virus.

“Not only is Faronics Anti-Virus the only solution which is fully compatible with Deep Freeze, but it is also faster, more network efficient and more effective against malware,” says Brian Merchant, Coordinator of Technical Support Services for BSCSD.

Thanks to Faronics the district sees a reduced number of support calls. Their IT professionals can now focus on strategic objectives instead of boring and mundane technical support issues.


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