Faronics Anti-Executable & Deep Freeze and the Los Angeles Police Department

Computer Lockdown by the LAPD
by Dmitry Shesterin – 05/11/11

The second largest Police Department in the nation turns to Faronics for its mobile computer lockdown.

New operating systems are susceptible to external threats such as spyware, viruses, and other malware, and the department was looking for a solution to prevent any damage that might be caused by these threats.

The LAPD decided to implement Faronics’ mobile computer lockdown technology to prevent reimaging of damaged machines and to dedicate fewer resources to fixing machines in a data sensitive environment. Anti-Executable’s application whitelisting technology was seen as a good complement to Deep Freeze’s reboot-to-restore solution.

“Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable are crucial to preserving an image determined for mission critical law enforcement systems used 24×7 to ensure reliability and security with minimal downtime and with the least reliance on IT personnel,” said Chief Tim Riley, CIO and Bureau Chief of the LAPD’s Information and Communication Services Bureau.

Before Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable, LAPD had to reimage infected patrol car mobile computers. Computer lockdown has resulted in fewer support requests, increased uptime and productivity, and ultimately safer streets.


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