Faronics Anti-Executable and North Country Community College

A New York College Combines Application Whitelisting With Instant System Restore in a Layered Security Approach for Reliable Endpoint Protection
by Dmitry Shesterin – 04/20/11

The North Country Community College in northeast New York state struggled with keeping staff computers always available and in perfect shape.

Frequent malware infections and uncontrollably installed programs caused frequent computer downtime and configuration drift. The College was already using Faronics’ instant system restore solution Deep Freeze to lock down student computers. The endpoint protection solution for the staff computers was also provided by Faronics in form of a layered security approach. Faronics Anti-Executable ensures complete endpoint protection by  scanning a computer’s hard drive and creating an application whitelist of all approved programs, thereby preventing unwanted or unauthorized code from ever executing or installing.

Deep Freeze’ instant system restore represents the ultimate safety net of the layered security approach the College has pursued for complete endpoint protection. Any computer configuration changes are reset by Deep Freeze on restart.

The layered security approach delivers superior endpoint protection through an integrated application whitelisting and instant system restore solutions working together. Both layered security solutions are deployed and managed through Faronics’ desktop management solution Faronics Core, which is available for free and provides deployment, management and reporting capabilities for all Faronics products.

The endpoint protection from Faronics now saves the College IT staff approximately 15 to 20 hours a month, creating significant value and tangible Return on Investment.

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