Deep Freeze Server Standard Release Notes

Version (June 26, 2024)


  • Core Isolation Support: Enhanced compatibility with Windows 10 & 11. Deep Freeze now supports computers with Core Isolation enabled by default, ensuring customers can use this important Windows security functionality.
  • DF Local Event Logs: Informative event logging in the local Windows Event Logs. Logs include the state of Deep Freeze (Thawed, Frozen, Locked, in Maintenance), the identity of users changing the status locally, and the source of changes (Console, User, Command Line) for better oversight and transparency.


31652 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations experienced boot issues when Virtualization Based Security or Memory Integrity (in Core Isolation settings) was enabled. (Case No. KGE-734-30441, AGS-503-14300)

Known Issues

11387 NTFS Storage Spaces not supported. BSOD occurs on reboot on Windows 8 and higher computers with single or multiple NTFS Storage Spaces.

11425 Announcements are displayed as ‘New’ every time workstation reboots when in Frozen state.

11496 DFInstall.log file does not have error entry, when silently installing workstation with ThawSpaces to be hosted on StorageSpace.

12611 On 64-Bit Systems: Network Drive should not be listed in the drop-down list on ThawSpace configuration page while installing Deep Freeze.

16560 Unable to activate computers that do not have network cards enabled.

18513 Installation of Deep Freeze workstation fails if user login name contains double byte characters.

20074 Installing Deep Freeze on workstations in some circumstances results in slow login when in a Frozen state.

21171 Unable to install apps from the Windows App Store once Deep Freeze is installed. Enable Windows Update service as a workaround.

21568 Issues with Dell full disk encryption software when Deep Freeze is installed. Knowledge Base.

22504 Deep Freeze will not freeze systems on a Hyper-V Gen 2.

22709 Workstations running Windows 10 have slow login times when the device is in a frozen state.

25020 Workstation crashes when loading virtual disk image using Arsenal Image Mounter software while in Frozen mode.

25585 Deep Freeze workstation cannot be Thawed on Intel Compute Stick device.

26689 Workstations are expiring if the workstation date is set to more than 20 years into the future.

26727 Deep Freeze driver works incorrectly when the system partition is allocated after data partition.

26892 Error running VIAware when Deep Freeze is installed.

28494 Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) running the latest Deep Freeze is not restoring data upon reboot when Frozen.

28944 Windows 10: Computers are slow to load when the system is Frozen.

30308 User Setup screen is displayed after the install of a feature release during Deep Freeze Maintenance. 

31652 Deep Freeze Machines getting into a boot loop cycle after enabling Memory Integrity in Core Isolation settings.

31689 Deep Freeze status screen on workstation not resizing with High Resolutions.

35925 Unable to upgrade Windows 10 on computers where user profiles are located or redirected to ThawSpace.

36310 Unable to install Deep Freeze on Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session (Azure-hosted).

36627 Audio device issues after installing Deep Freeze.

39439 Incompatibility issues between Deep Freeze and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Software Metering feature.

40205 Deep Freeze Installer sees the virtual Google Drive as a volume that can be Frozen. (Case No. EGK-724-68412)

43505 Data gets corrupted on the data partition with FAT32 file system.

44077 Iron Key USB device incorrectly detects disk free space when Deep Freeze is installed. (CN #22824).

44401 In particular condition, Deep Freeze gets installed with ‘Manage Virtual Memory’ option and less than 10% free space left on system drive.

44429 In particular condition, Deep Freeze stopped monitoring Page File settings even when the ‘Manage Virtual Memory’ option is enabled and Page File was set by Deep Freeze.

44670 Deep Freeze functionality does not work when UEFI is enabled.

44707 ‘Manage Virtual Memory’ option does not turn off if free space on the host drive of the Page File becomes less than 10%.

45820 DFInstall.log does not log notification messages in the Japanese and Chinese languages.


Version (November 29, 2023)


  • Modern Standby & Hibernation Compatibility – Deep Freeze workstations now support Modern Standby, Hibernation, and Fast Startup power options, which can save energy and improve battery life. Requires compatible systems.
  • Deep Freeze Log Files – Automatically back-up Deep Freeze logs on the client side for optimal performance.
  • Manage Virtual Memory – Enable this option during command line installation allows Deep Freeze to manage paging file size to better handle performance issues on workstations with limited RAM.


28006 Resolved an issue where systems may randomly hang during Frozen state. It is recommended to always enable the new ‘Manage Virtual Memory’ checkbox to allow Deep Freeze to manage paging file size in order to optimize efficiency. (Case No. KBK-301-15788, HFG-902-80256, TXW-714-46790, DCK-357-11563, VVQ-945-75978)

28183 Resolved an issue with Windows Defender blocking Deep Freeze executable files. (Case No. LYC-936-29805)

40436 Resolved an issue where the laptop battery would drain at a faster rate when the computer entered modern standby mode. (Case No. RLB-437-39845)

42541 Resolved an issue where services running in the background unexpectedly triggered and installed Windows Updates. (Case No. CGX-669-80714)

43598 Resolved an issue where workstations were randomly hanging with no discernable pattern. (Case No. WPD-530-71307)


Version (July 30, 2021)

Note: Deep Freeze 8.63 supports Windows 11, which has been extensively tested without any known issues detected.


31618 Resolved an issue where rebooting Deep Freeze to Frozen status from RDP resulted in Deep Freeze rebooting to Frozen & Locked status.

31717 Resolved an issue with being unable to uninstall Deep Freeze Server Standard from a computer with nComputing vSpace installed.

34781 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstations could not boot Frozen when Windows Update system history had permanent entries with Staged status.


Version (December 08, 2020)

Note: Deep Freeze 8.62 supports Windows 10 up to version 21H1, which has been extensively tested without any known issues detected.


34699 Deep Freeze workstation installer blocks installation when Windows Update system history has permanent entries with ‘in-progress’ status.

33606 Deep Freeze workstation cannot boot Frozen when Windows Update system history has permanent entries with ‘in-progress’ status.


Version (June 26, 2020)

New Features

  • Support for Latest Boot Camp
    Deep Freeze supports Boot Camp v6.1.7748 and up.


30011 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze was not Freezing the system installed on a virtual machine.

28916 Resolved an issue where Frozen computers were crashing if using FSLogix Profile Containers.

28687 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze driver and executable files had a redundant SHA-1 signature.

28458 Resolved an issue of BSOD when installing Deep Freeze on Surface Pro X.

27940 Resolved an issue where workstation went into BSOD when OWC ThunderBlade drive was attached to system running Deep Freeze.


Version (January 17, 2020)

End of Support

  • Server 2003 End of Support
    To ensure Deep Freeze continues to take advantage of the latest technologies, Faronics is officially dropping Server 2003 support in this version of Deep Freeze. Microsoft officially ended Windows Server 2003 support on July 14, 2015.


25400 Resolved an issue where the system crashed when some specific software is installed on Deep Freeze workstation (such as PUBG, Fortnite, Easy Anti-Cheat, BattlEye).

26287 Resolved an issue where the user was able to boot into Advanced Boot Options from Frozen state.

26731 Resolved an issue where users were not able to log on after installing Deep Freeze on client machines.


Version (March 20, 2019)

New Enhancements

  • Exclude System Drive from Deep Freeze Protection
    Customers can now optionally configure a system drive to be Thawed.
  • Full Support for NVMe Drives
    Deep Freeze is now compatible with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology (often used in modern Mac computers).
  • Support for iSCSI Drives
    Deep Freeze Server is now compatible with iSCSI drives.


14289 Resolved an issue where the system became unbootable after installing Deep Freeze workstation on computers with NVMe drives using Advanced Format (4K) technology. (These types of drives are mostly used in modern Mac computers.)

20567 Resolved an issue where, on latest versions of Windows Server, Windows updates failed to download when ‘Cache Windows updates’ option was enabled in Deep Freeze.

22238 Resolved an issue where Windows OS did not start up while Imation device was attached.


Version (December 12, 2018)


23667 Resolved an issue where in some circumstances where error (DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL) is displayed upon reboot.

24292 Windows 10 version 1803: Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze workstation does not boot after enabling Memory Integrity in Core Isolation settings.

24558 Resolved an issue where the Deep Freeze icon is not showing in the task bar.


Version (December 2013)


8831 On Windows 8 systems: Resolved an issue where AncillaryDev key disappears after upgrading Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, resulting in a failed uninstallation process.

9110 On Windows 8.1 RTM: Resolved an issue where the Fast Startup option failed to turn off while installing Deep Freeze.


Version (October 2013)

New Features

Deep Freeze notification messages are now displayed on all active user sessions on Remote Desktop Server (Windows Terminal Server) and Windows Multipoint Server. This feature is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Multipoint Server 2012. Learn more about Deep Freeze behavior when installed on Remote Desktop Server.



7766 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze installed incorrectly on Session 0.

7795 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze service reported an invalid current state 0 in the Windows Event Log. (Case No: YOC-456-50071)


Version (July 2013)


7311 Resolved an issue where the DFDiskLow drive caused BSOD on Windows XP systems with a FAT32 system partition. (Case No: RLM-498-27897, YKA-210-55431)

7053 Resolved an issue where data on Thawed partitions larger than 1TB was inaccessible with IO error due to large data sets. (Case No: MQD-872-12018)


Version (March 2013)


7156 Resolved an issue on XP systems where the error ‘Not enough server storage available’ was displayed on Deep Freeze workstations with certain third party software that utilizes IRPStack system resource. (Case No: JVU-655-36949)

7240 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze caused a deadlock on system startup if there was a zip drive present. (Case No: XBI-364-81148)

7307 Resolved an issue where Deep Freeze 7.6 caused Blue Screen on computers with Microsoft BitLocker enabled on the system drive. (Case No: ZIH-859-63089)

7327 Resolved random Blue Screen issues on systems with a many disk devices . (Case No: TIW-271-41633/SUT-748-38530)


Version (December 2012)

New Features

  • Supports Windows Server 2012
  • Support for Windows To Go
    Deep Freeze can be installed on Windows To Go to boot and run from mass storage devices such as USB flash drives and external hard disk drives.
  • Disable System Refresh and Reset
    Disable Windows 2012 System Refresh and Reset when Frozen.  Learn more about the difference between Deep Freeze and Microsoft System Refresh and Reset.
  • Support for BitLocker ‘Used Disk Space’ Encryption
    Deep Freeze is compatible with ‘Used Disk Space Only’ encryption in BitLocker on Windows 2012. Learn more.
  • License Key Activation
    This version will include the ability to activate the license key. Activation is simple and painless and does not require the user to input any personal or authentication information.


6762 Workstation Blue Screen when ejecting ESATA devices. (XCN-236-87261)

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Specific Fixes

5511 When remotely accessing Windows 8 workstations while Thawed and Locked, keyboard and mouse remain locked and black screen shows.

5512 Remotely accessing a Windows 8 workstation in a Frozen or Locked state and then Locking it will cause the target workstation to reboot unexpectedly.

5537 Workstation will Blue Screen when DF is installed with Windows 8 Storage Spaces.

6085 Workstations Blue Screen when creating ThawSpace on ReFS.

6085 On Windows Server 2012: ThawSpace hosted on ReFS partition is not accessible.

6104 Windows Server 2012 will Blue Screen while performing a backup

6234 On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: The workstation Blue Screen when installing ThawSpaces on Windows Storage Spaces.

6265 On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Deep Freeze workstation does not show pop up messages on Windows Start screen.

6306 On Windows Server 2012: Deadlock on startup, when boot into Frozen state on the system with Storage Spaces hosted on physical disk

6338 Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Storage Space drive remains Frozen when configured as Thawed.

6713 On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Sent Message is not displayed on the target workstation which is automatically logged in.

6735 Windows 8: Cannot manually shutdown Deep Freeze workstation with ‘Fast Start up’ option enabled.

6819 Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: Notifications with a Cancel button consumes 100% CPU even after clicking on it.

Accepted Behavior for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

6147 Windows 8: If there are any ThawSpace existing, recimg.exe fails to create backup image.

6151 When backing up the workstation in a Frozen state, both the backup application and the system hangs. Do not backup when workstation is Frozen.

6332 Status of Dynamic StorageSpace drives on Windows 8 workstations are reported as ‘Healthy (At Risk)’ in Disk Manager.

6811 Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: When the Notification displays on the logon screen it does not stay on top of the Start screen.

6821 Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012: A new Notification window does not popup if another Notification window is running in another user session.


Version (September 2012)


5471 Resolved issues related to insufficient space on system drives when installing Deep Freeze. (Case No: YBK-318-94672)


Version (July 2012)

New Features

  • Protect Master Boot Record (MBR)
    Deep Freeze prevents a virus from injecting into MBR.
  • Support for Hard Drives larger than 2 TB
  • New and improved Deep Freeze Workstation Service with Logging
    Enables our Tech Support to help with any corner cases.


2504 Resolved an issue where there was a random deadlock on startup while installing/uninstalling Deep Freeze or creating/deleting ThawSpaces.

4037 Resolved Blue Screen issue with certain keyboard and mouse drivers. (Case No: ZYP-187-69083, DCK-331-46840, OLV-592-70831)

4255 Resolved Blue Screen issue when Express Cache is installed. (Case No: HMT-966-41631)

3572 Resolved an issue where the task failed with License Expired error when trying to reboot workstations with expired license into Thawed mode.

3900 Resolved translation issues. (Case No: OTU-350-44687)


Version (March 2012)

New Features

  • Improvements in Deep Freeze WMI Classes.
  • License expiry notification displayed in the system tray.
  • Improved Deep Freeze performance related to Terminal Services and Roaming Profiles.


FB1922 Resolved a Blue Screen at login on Frozen computers after updating from Deep Freeze 6.22 to 7.21. (Case No: TTR-416-23714)

FB2557 Resolved an issue on systems with custom Windows folder: Secure Channel Password was not being managed when Deep Freeze was in a Thawed state (Case No: DGV-558-22897)

TT2254 Resolved an issue where after uninstalling Deep Freeze on the workstation, Deep Freeze entry is not removed from Faronics Product under WMI.

TT2620 Resolved a Blue Screen on Dell computer with RAID hardware controller (PERC card) (Case No: RYF-134-76780)

TT2621 Resolved a Blue Screen. (Case No: OYK-134-64403)

TT2627 Resolved an unexpected shutdown error on a computer with hardware RAID controller. (Case No: IIA-307-84690)

TT2695 Resolved a Blue Screen issue after upgrading Deep Freeze. (Case No: MIS-143-20157)

TT2697 Resolved a cosmetic issue in the Status of Next Reboot option. (Case No: RLX-148-27814)

TT2774 Resolved an issue where the Windows Program Compatibility Assistant displayed a warning when Deep Freeze installation was cancelled.




1902 Resolved issue where the keyboard shortcuts on the workstation did not work.

2245 Resolved a Blue Screen issue while logging off Windows 7. (Case: 130-33089)

2299 Resolved issue where the Embedded Events show inaccurate message time.

2323 Resolve a Blue Screen issue while logoff. (Case: 223-40305)

2326 Resolve a Blue Screen issue while logoff. (Case: 42-39496)

2328 Resolve a Blue Screen issue while logoff. (Case: 153-42051)

2325 Resolved issue where the number of Thawed restarts field was not wide enough to show two digits and was not limited to 9.

2339 Resolved issue where DFC crashed when launched from Windows folder.

2349 Resolved issue where Deep Freeze command line password was not limited to  63 characters.

2352 Resolved issue where D drive shows as Frozen even when it is Thawed and has a page file on it. (Case: 121-43697)

2354 Resolved issue with Deep Freeze and Ramdisk.

2363 Resolved issue where the Error Notification is not displayed when incorrect network settings are set via Deep Freeze.

2370 Resolved issue where the blank password dialog must expand and the scroll bar was not displayed.

2371 Resolved issue where the MaximumPasswordAge registry is not reverted back to 30 when Deep Freeze is uninstalled from the workstation.

2372 Resolved issue where the Deep Freeze UI items disappear when Alt button is pressed.

L226 Resolved issue where Anti-Executable was partially installed when Faronics Core remotely installed Anti-Executable after Deep Freeze is remotely installed.




2271 Resolved issue where Windows entered a boot loop when Deep Freeze was installed on an SSD supporting the ATA TRIM command. (Case# 76-37482)

2330 Resolved a password security issue.

2238 Resolved issue  where  Deep  Freeze  was  unstable after  running  Last  Good  Known Configuration. (Case # 153-29637)

2246 Resolved issue where the Deep Freeze Workstation Installer hanged when it failed to write to the registry (due to a registry protection software blocking system registry access).

2308 Resolved issue where Deep Freeze looped infinitely in the Please Wait dialog when double- clicking the Install button.

2336 Resolved issue where FrzState login is not protected against buffer overflow and crashes if a long password string is entered.




2257 Resolved issue that could prevent roaming profiles from synchronizing correctly upon user log off.



New Features

  • Enhanced security.


2152 Resolved compatibility issue with WinMagic SecureDoc encryption software.



New Features

  • Officially supported on Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Licensing: Deep Freeze now employs the same licensing scheme as other Faronics products. Therefore, a valid License Key must be entered into the product in order to prevent it from expiring after a 30-day evaluation period.
  • Simplified Chinese localization added.
  • Rewritten password security functionality to resolve a reported potential security vulnerability in which a malicious user may be able to bypass the Deep Freeze password dialog when running as a Windows administrator user.


652 Windows Server 2008 only: Resolved issue where Deep Freeze files did not have proper large and extra large icons.

942 Resolved issue that could allow a non-administrator user to kill Deep Freeze processes resulting in the icon not being displayed in the system tray (the machine would remain Frozen).

1153 Resolved issue that could cause the Deep Freeze icon to not appear in the System Tray, resulting in an inability to access the Deep Freeze login menu.

1179 Resolved issue that could cause the Deep Freeze password dialog to become non-responsive due to a compatibility issue with Novell’s login dll (NWGina.dll).

1561 Changing settings Boot Control settings results in a single (formerly multiple) confirmation dialogs.

1802 Resolved issue that could result in a failed installation of Deep Freeze in very rare circumstances.

1848 Resolved issue that could result in Windows errors occurring during boot while Frozen in very rare circumstances.

1944  Resolved an issue that could prevent installation from occurring successfully if a workstation had been updated to v6.52 or higher, then downgraded to v6.50, then updated to v6.51.

2022 Resolved a potential security vulnerability that only affected Deep Freeze Standard installations.

2076 Resolved issue that could prevent a user from controlling Deep Freeze locally on a workstation.



New Features

  • Windows Server 2008 support
  • The Boot Control window provides the ability to Reboot Now
  • System tray icon no longer flashes when machine is Thawed


  • Resolved issue that could cause a Blue Screen in very specific circumstances: a non-functional place-holder SD card was inserted into a card reader slot on a machine with some versions of the Ricoh hardware driver installed.
  • Resolved issue that could prevent a machine from restarting correctly after installation of Deep Freeze
  • Resolved issue that could cause the Windows login window to fail to appear on certain computers that had Deep Freeze installed
  • Resolved compatibility issue with nForce RAID systems
  • Resolved an issue that could cause an installation to fail on computers that are not logged in (after the machine was restored from a Sysprep image)
  • Resolved issues that could prevent the Deep Freeze icon from being displayed in the System Tray on any machines, resulting in the computer being unable to be booted into the Thawed state
  • Resolved compatibility issue with SafeGuard
  • Resolved issue where some buttons were not localized on non-English systems
  • Resolved compatibility issue with Daemon Tools that could prevent USB drives from mounting on first use
  • Resolved a compatibility issue with Tor Privoxy



New Features

  • Windows Server 2003 64 bit support
  • Localization to English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages


  • Resolved a compatibility issue that causes Blue Screen when booting into the Frozen state
  • Resolved a compatibility issue with nVidia Nforce IDE drivers
  • Resolved an issue that caused the abnormal termination of the process that allows the user to change the Deep Freeze state locally
  • Resolved an issue when installing Deep Freeze Server on compressed drives
  • Resolved an issue that prevented accessing the Deep Freeze Server login window through the hotkey combination Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F6 if the password was changed and the confirmation message was closed automatically