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Faronics Anti-Executable ensures only approved applications are allowed to run on a computer. Any other programs – whether malicious, unlicensed or simply unwanted – are blocked form ever executing. Anti-Executable provides advanced security and control against sophisticated threats and unknown malware. Organizations enjoy saving time and money with simplified computer management that offers stronger control and better machine availability, while assisting with compliance.

Ensure security

  • Prevent exposure of sensitive data to malicious 3rd parties such as keyloggers and spyware looking to steal data
  • Prevent data loss and corruption by blocking zero-day, targeted attacks and mutating viruses
  • Unlike anti-virus solutions, Anti-Executable ensures protection without the need for constant definition updates

Ensure Compliance

  • Fulfill regulatory and license compliance
  • Mitigate costly legal risks such as lawsuits from customers for lost sensitive data

Lower Costs

  • Reduce IT time spent on troubleshooting end-user computers by preventing system degradation resulting from unlicensed or illegal software
  • Maximize hardware lifespan by preserving system performance
  • Ensure computers and networks are used for their intended purpose

Increase IT and User Productivity

  • Increase productivity for all employees by removing distracting applications from their computers
  • Keep system performance up
  • Ensure full system availability by preventing system degradation caused by unauthorized programs and malware


Evaluate Anti-Executable today and see the benefits of a simple and secure option for total system control, supplying greater security to your network, and greater peace of mind for administrators

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