Tired of Re-Imaging Machines?

Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise makes PCs indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing the desired configuration set by the IT Admin. With a simple reboot, any unwelcome or unwanted changes are removed from the system, restoring it to the original state. Meanwhile, user data can be stored safely on a network drive or in a ThawSpace to be retained across reboots. This helps systems run smoothly and efficiently, while giving you more up-time and boosting user productivity. The built-in Enterprise Console or Core Console makes life even easier.

Using Deep Freeze’s central management capabilities, you can customize, deploy and manage Deep Freeze on your endpoints from one central location. Need to manage Windows Updates? Simply download them while Frozen and they’re automatically applied when machines are Thawed. Once the process is finished, they are automatically returned to their Frozen state.

Since our system restore software ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart, you can watch that mountain of support tickets shrink. Customers report an average reduction of 63%. You can also forget about accidental configuration changes, malicious software, and operating system degradation. Now you and your IT staff can get more sleep, worry less, and maybe even leave the office on time once in a while.

  • Customized configuration makes setting up Deep Freeze for your unique environment a breeze. Using the Configuration Administrator, you can specify multiple passwords, select drives to be Frozen, create ThawSpaces to save data, create workstation tasks, schedule maintenance and set advanced networks. You can also create multiple customized installers with different configurations.
  • Easy deployment is made possible with several options. In addition to deploying Deep Freeze system restore software as part of your imaging solution, you can deploy it as a Silent Install natively either as an .exe or as a .msi by using our Deep Freeze MSI Packager.  And you can also use the Enterprise Console to deploy.
  • Central management makes it easy to deploy, configure, and manage Deep Freeze. All you need to do is use the robust Enterprise Console or Core Console included free of charge. Or use the built-in Command Line Interface to manage Deep Freeze from within the most popular desktop management systems such as Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Spiceworks, and Symantec Altiris. Check out our Integration Page.
  • Enhanced security is rolled into Faronics Deep Freeze with protection for the master boot record (MBR) from rootkit injections, making your security bulletproof. The Customization Code ensures that unauthorized administrators are prevented from accessing or controlling a computer that runs Deep Freeze. Administrators can also assign up to 15 passwords or create One-Time passwords that will expire after a single use on the workstation.
  • Windows updates are even easier to automate. You can automatically download Windows updates even when machines are Frozen. Cached updates are applied as soon as the machines are Thawed, which means Windows Updates are much faster. Forget about setting maintenance window completion times, since Deep Freeze just got even smarter! It can now detect when updates are complete and automatically return the computer back to a Frozen state. Watch Video >
  • Retain data across reboots by redirecting both user and application data to storage space on non-system or network drives. Or create virtual storage drives called ThawSpaces – it’s entirely up to you. Data retained in a ThawSpace or a Thawed drive is not erased upon system reboot even if the computer is in a Frozen state. Or try using the complementary Faronics Data Igloo that allows you to redirect data for storage. Watch Video >

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System Requirements
Deep Freeze requires Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 and 10% free hard drive space. The Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator and the Enterprise Console require Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 to function properly. Information on Faronics Core system requirements can be found in the Faronics Core user guide. The hardware requirements are the same as the recommended requirements for the host operating system.
  • Seamless Aviation Operations for SkyWest Airlines
    SkyWest needed a solution that could help them remotely manage 700 computers and performance maintenance easily. Although majority of the computers were used on mobile carts by the repair and maintenance personnel, they were also used in training labs and kiosk sites across multiple locations.
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  • Bringing Computers to the Community
    Philadelphia FIGHT was building 27 public computer centers to bring digital literacy to the community. But with only one or two technicians, how could they possibly manage machines at all locations at the same time? Thanks to Faronics Deep Freeze, FIGHT is able to rely on just one IT professional to manage all 27 centers with better control over labs and protection against viruses.
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  • Keeping Your Money Safe
    Freedom First Credit Union was spending too much time troubleshooting PCs. Reimaging and updating was eating up precious IT time and employees were sitting idle while machines were in the shop. Since deploying Deep Freeze, Freedom First has increased the number of PCs and reduced troubleshooting time by 50%, allowing IT to be more proactive. And they saved even more money by extending the life of their PCs!
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  • Facilitating Learning Everywhere
    Ballston Spa Central School District found themselves reimaging machines every week. Not to mention an anti-virus solution that brought the network and machines to a grinding halt. After installing both Faronics Deep Freeze and Anti-Virus, there was an immediate 80% reduction in both software issues and system crashes. Now the IT team can relax knowing the district is fully protected at reboots and during run time.
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Ultimate Workstation Protection with Deep FreezeUltimate Workstation Protection with Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by creating a "frozen" snapshot of a workstation's configuration and settings. With every reboot, Deep Freeze restores this "frozen" snapshot and helps cut down your IT support tickets by upto 63%.

How To Manage Windows Updates With Deep FreezeHow To Manage Windows Updates With Deep Freeze

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This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use Data Igloo to redirect user data to a drive that's not frozen by Deep Freeze.

Scheduling Tasks in Enterprise ConsoleScheduling Tasks in Enterprise Console

This video will demonstrate how tasks are scheduled or automated within Deep Freeze Enterprise Console. It provides step-by-step instructions for using Scheduler in Deep Freeze Enterprise Console.

Updating Anti-Virus With Deep Freeze Updating Anti-Virus With Deep Freeze

This demo outlines how to provide Anti-Virus definition updates to workstations protected by Deep Freeze.

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Deep Freeze for Windows 8 Coverage on CBC NationalDeep Freeze for Windows 8 Coverage on CBC National

Product Manager Heman Mehta chats with CBC's Chris Brown for The National on the release of Windows 8 and how Faronics is preparing for the new OS with the latest version of Deep Freeze.

Deep Freeze Enterprise Console [Tutorial]Deep Freeze Enterprise Console [Tutorial]

This tutorial takes you through steps for setting up workstations in Deep Freeze Enterprise consoles and reviews available options for managing and administering workstations.

Layered Security with FaronicsLayered Security with Faronics

This is what layered security is all about. With the number and complexity of IT related threats steadily increasing, relying solely on one solution to ensure security is no longer enough. Our layered security solution provides optimum security against today's toughest threats.

Introducing Deep Freeze 7.7Introducing Deep Freeze 7.7

Connecting Remote Consoles To Master ConsoleConnecting Remote Consoles To Master Console

Step by step instructions cover how to set up your enterprise console to manage all remote locations centrally and how to set up your network configuration.

Retaining user data with Deep FreezeRetaining user data with Deep Freeze

This demo shows how to configure a desktop environment with Deep Freeze to allow user profiles to be redirected to an area either a network location or a local area on a hard disk—retaining user data and maintaining full protection of Deep Freeze.

Enhance And Protect Your Computing Environment with Faronics Deep FreezeEnhance And Protect Your Computing Environment with Faron...

Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by creating a "frozen" snapshot of a workstation's configuration and settings.Each time you restart your machine, Deep Freeze restores your computer to this desired "frozen" state

Deep Freeze & Managing AV Updates... [Tutorial]Deep Freeze & Managing AV Updates... [Tutorial]

This tutorial focuses on how to configure Deep Freeze to allow 3rd party anti-virus applications to update signatures without the need for maintenance periods.

Faronics: A Global Leader in Layered SecurityFaronics: A Global Leader in Layered Security

Our products ensure 100% workstation availability, and have freed IT personnel from tedious technical support and software issues

Deep Freeze Install File & Workstation Configuration [Tutorial]Deep Freeze Install File & Workstation Configuration [Tut...

This video provides instructions on how to take advantage of Deep Freeze's most important features...

Managing Windows environments with Deep FreezeManaging Windows environments with Deep Freeze

Supporting Windows 8 and simplifying management of Windows updates were the major focus areas for our latest releases of Deep Freeze Enterprise.

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As an IT Administrator you are challenged to work smarter. To support more users with less budget. To find time for strategic projects while resolving all helpdesk tickets. To accomplish this mission you'll need to eliminate repetitive tasks, extend computer refresh cycles, and provide a way for users to help themselves restore their own machines.

False Sense of Security. Data Breaches Exposed.False Sense of Security. Data Breaches Exposed.

The state of IT security is constantly shifting. Keeping up-to-date is vital to protecting your organization. Faronics unveils the results of the State of IT Security Study conducted by the Ponemon Institute -- a leading research authority on data security. We'll share emerging trends and discoveries about what's stopping IT professionals from achieving optimal security. We also reveal the total cost of a data breach and expose a dangerous perception gap about the lasting effects of reputation damage. In this webinar you will learn about: Current security strategies 2012 cyber threat landscape Hidden costs & spread of data breaches Long-term effects of reputation damage.

Deep Freeze just got easierDeep Freeze just got easier

In this webinar we will discuss how new features simplify management of frozen computers and improve system security. We'll share best practices and tips on implementing new version.

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Discover how Dell KACE and Faronics together can make your life easier with comprehensive systems management, stronger desktop security and uninterrupted end user productivity.

It’s easy to say just how easy Deep Freeze can make your life, but you’re probably asking how exactly it will do that. It’s simple, just like this!

System State - Before and After installing Deep Freeze

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