Tired of Re-imaging Machines?
Faronics Deep Freeze makes PCs indestructible. It protects endpoints by Freezing a snapshot of a workstation’s desired configuration and settings set by the IT Admin
with an instant reboot, any unwelcome or unwanted changes are removed from the system, restoring it to its pristine Frozen state.
Protection Against Phishing

Deep Freeze reverses malicious changes on reboot, protecting computers from threats such as phishing.

Zero-day Threats

Deep Freeze provides a simple and effective way to clear all malicious changes to your system, including zero-day threats.

Eliminate Lock Down Defense

Avoid the necessity of adopting restrictive defense or reactionary approaches for maintaining security.

Completely Non-Restrictive

Provide users with unrestricted access while preventing permanent configuration changes.

License Compliance

Deep Freeze removes all software installed without your authorization with a single reboot, helping your organization achieve license compliance.

Reduce IT Tickets by 63%

Deep Freeze ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart. Customers report an average reduction of 63% in IT tickets.

Empower End Users

Minimize reliance on IT staff for trivial issues, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Prevent Configuration Drift

Prevent computers from straying from their baseline configurations while still allowing users to save their work.

Increase Productivity

Reduced computer downtime means increased IT productivity.

Extend the Life of Your Computers

Eliminate degradation issues which lead to computers slowing down over time.

Protection Against Phishing

Products used to combat different forms of malware — anti-spyware, antivirus, and adware programs require management and maintenance. Deep Freeze, however, preserves your computer configuration without taking up any of your IT staff’s time. Any changes – either malicious or intentional- are reversed on reboot, thereby protecting computers from threats such as phishing.

Zero-day Threats

Zero day threats exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities and can be near impossible to detect with an antivirus solution. Deep Freeze provides simple, yet effective protection against zero-day threats as a reboot would clear out any malicious software, including zero-day threats.

Eliminate Lock Down Defense

Locking down computers in order to secure them limits the user experience, while a reactionary security maintenance approach like rebuilding or reimaging computers is time consuming. On the other hand, Deep Freeze offers the ability to standardize workstation configurations, which are completely restored on reboot, thereby eliminating all software related issues.

Completely Non-Restrictive

The non-restrictive, reboot-to-restore concept involves technology that allows users unrestricted, available, and perfectly functioning computers, whose desired configuration is always restored upon reboot. Therefore, IT staff does not need to spend valuable time rebuilding or re-imaging machines.

License Compliance

Your users may install unlicensed or unauthorized software. By using Deep Freeze, unlicensed or unauthorized software can be removed with a single reboot, helping your organization achieve license compliance.

Reduce IT Tickets by 63%

Our system restore software ensures 100% workstation recovery with every restart, so you can watch that mountain of support tickets shrink. Customers report an average reduction of 63%. You can also forget about accidental configuration changes, malicious software, and operating system degradation.

Empower End Users

With the simplified and effective Reboot-to-Restore concept of Deep Freeze, each user becomes self-reliant in fixing their computer. Without having to raise IT support tickets, the user can simply restart the computer when any unexpected changes have occurred and Deep Freeze will wipeout all the changes and put the computer back into its original state, as it was configured.

Prevent Configuration Drift

By restoring computers to their initial desired state with a single reboot, Faronics Deep Freeze prevents computers from straying from their baseline configurations. However, users can carry on working as usual and still save their documents, media and data.

Increase Productivity

Computer downtime means reduced productivity and increased help desk calls. Deep Freeze guarantees that expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% ensuring uptime and productivity while drastically reducing support costs. At the same time, user data can be stored safely on a network drive or in a ThawSpace to be retained across reboots.

Extend the Life of Your Computers

By restoring computers to a pristine desired configuration upon reboot, Deep Freeze eliminates degradation issues which lead to computers slowing down over time. This means a longer life for your computers and a reduction in costs associated with upgrading them.

Reboot to Restore
Patent number: US7539828 B2
Faronics Deep Freeze comes with a set of powerful features that prove immensely useful for IT administrators looking to secure their systems and keep them running smoothly, without any restrictions.
Absolute Protection
Faronics Deep Freeze provides comprehensive protection for IT systems.
  • Deep Freeze makes workstation configurations indestructible
  • Guarantees 100% workstation recovery upon restart
  • Provides password protection and complete security
  • Protects multiple hard drives and partitions
  • Prevents workstation drift and accidental system misconfiguration
  • Helps maintain Software compliance across all workstations
  • Protects workstations from unauthorized changes with a simple restart

Secure and Control your Computers
Enhanced security is rolled into Faronics Deep Freeze with protection to the Operating System along with the Master Boot Record (MBR) from rootkit injections, making your security bulletproof.
  • Prevent unauthorized administrators from accessing or controlling a computer that runs Deep Freeze via a unique Customization Code for all components
  • Preset multiple passwords to be used on a workstation or via the Command Line Control with varying activation and expiration dates
  • Disable keyboard and mouse, including touchscreen devices, during Thawed Periods or on demand
  • Boot Control window provides the ability for immediate reboot
  • Use Stealth Mode to hide the Deep Freeze system tray icon

Retain Important Data and Clear Unwanted Changes
With Deep Freeze installed, data can be retained across reboots by redirecting both user and application data to storage space on non-system or network drives.
  • Retain data across reboots even if the computer is in a Frozen state, on up to eight virtual storage drives or “ThawSpaces” on a workstation
  • Use ThawSpaces to store programs, save files, or make permanent changes
  • Format ThawSpaces to remove unwanted files
  • Specify the size of the ThawSpace and host drive
  • Cache Windows updates by downloading updates even when in Frozen state
  • Redirect data for storage on desired location with the Data Igloo

Centrally Manage all your End-Points
Central management makes it easy to deploy, configure, and manage Deep Freeze using the Enterprise Console or Core Console
  • Quickly populate multiple groups or sub-groups with smart automatic filters or import groups from Active Directory
  • Invoke system maintenance on demand with “Thaw Locked” mode to block access to Keyboard and Mouse
  • Launch RDP and VNC sessions right from the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console
  • Create customized Enterprise Consoles with tailored features
  • Remotely deploy, execute, and control software on managed workstations
  • With Faronics Core keep scheduled actions “active” to ensure updates on offline workstations
  • With Faronics Core manage workstations with dynamic groups, perform actions on workstation groups, view workstation activity status, and remotely wake-up offline workstations via the web

Customized Configuration Options
Customized configuration makes setting up Deep Freeze for your environment a breeze.
  • Use the Configuration Administrator to specify multiple passwords, select drives to be Frozen, create ThawSpaces to save data, create workstation tasks, schedule maintenance and set advanced networks.
  • Create multiple customized installers with different configurations
  • Pre-select Frozen Drives and selectively Freeze or Thaw fixed drives
  • Schedule automatic Restart/Shutdown times
  • Automate Windows Update installation and detect when installation is complete to reboot Frozen or shutdown
  • Schedule multiple Thawed Periods to perform Windows updates (through the Internet or WSUS) or run a custom batch file to update other software
  • Automatically apply configuration changes to workstations without having to disable Deep Freeze

Deployment and 3rd Party Integration
Easy deployment of Faronics Deep Freeze is made possible with several options.
  • Use the built-in Command Line Interface to manage Deep Freeze from within the most popular desktop management systems such as Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Spice Works, and Symantec Altiris Check out our Integration page
  • Easy deployment options including a silent install for rapid network deployment, deployment as part of your imaging solution or via the Enterprise Console
  • Provides option to deploy on multiple workstations as part of a master image
  • Includes the Deep Freeze Command Line Control Utility for remote management
  • Create, edit download, and share XML-based Deep Freeze Action Files to interact with other programs via the Enterprise Console

Integration with other Faronics Solutions
Deep Freeze may be used in conjunction with Faronics Anti-Virus, Anti-Executable and Power Save.
  • Single Console to manage both Deep Freeze and Faronics Anti-Virus clients
  • Seamless malware definition retention on workstations protected in a Frozen state with Faronics Anti-Virus
  • Malware definitions for other anti-virus solutions can be easily retained through use of Thawed Periods
  • Integration with Faronics Anti-Executable and Faronics Power Save to detect Deep Freeze Thawed Periods
  • Or use the built-in Command Line Interface to manage Deep Freeze from within the most popular desktop management systems such as Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Spice Works, and Symantec Altiris Check out our Integration page

Automatic Maintenance and Updates
Windows updates are easy to automate with Deep Freeze
  • Automatically download Windows updates even when machines are Frozen
  • Much faster Windows updates as cached updates are applied as soon as the machines are Thawed
  • Detects when updates are complete and automatically returns the computer back to a frozen state, eliminating the need to set maintenance window completion times Watch Video
  • Schedule multiple Thawed Periods to perform Windows updates (through the Internet or WSUS) or run a custom batch file to update other software
  • Update Maintenance schedules over the air right from the Enterprise Console without disabling Deep Freeze

Compatibility and Interoperability Options
Faronics Deep Freeze works with a wide range of hard drive types and formats and is available in several languages
  • Supports multi-boot environments
  • Compatible with Fast User Switching
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8x
  • Supports SSD, SCSI, ATA, SATA, and IDE hard drives
  • Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, basic and dynamic disks
  • Localized in six languages

How Deep Freeze Works

It’s easy to say just how easy Deep Freeze can make your life, but you’re probably asking how exactly it will do that. It’s simple, just like this!

Supported Platforms
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Embedded 7 and 8.1

Hard Drive Space

10% free space

Additional Requirements
  • Deep Freeze Configuration Administrator and Enterprise Console require Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1 to function properly
  • Information on Faronics Core system requirements can be found in the Faronics Core user guide
  • The hardware requirements are the same as the recommended requirements for the host operating system.
Protects Devices in Various Environments
With its patented reboot-to-restore technology, Deep Freeze is uniquely capable of making specialized devices like rugged books and computers on wheels indestructible.

Deep Freeze can protect devices in a variety of environments, ranging from labs and classrooms to devices in the field.

Labs and Classrooms

Ensure system availability in a secured, yet non-restrictive, learning environment.

Rugged Books

Deep Freeze on your rugged computers makes sure they are rugged on the inside as well.

Computers on Wheels

Secure data and reduce interruptions to your operations due to downtime of computers on wheels.

Windows XP Machines

Retain your system’s pristine configuration , even on an unsupported platform.

Multi-user Environment

Avoid data loss and non-compliance issues associated with a multi-user environment.

First Responders

First responders cannot afford downtime, Deep Freeze helps in maintaining 100% availability of their IT systems.

Virtualized Environments

Provide a non-persistent, virtualized desktop environments with secured thin clients.

Field Assets

Manage mobile IT assets from different locations with Deep Freeze Cloud.

Labs and Classrooms

Sometimes, restricting a learning environment isn’t the most viable option. With Deep Freeze, our patented reboot to restore solution, you can ensure immediate preferred system availability in a non-restrictive, yet secured environment.

Rugged Books

Rugged books are built to withstand the most adverse outdoor environments, but you do not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with an IT issue. With Deep Freeze on your rugged computer, you make sure it is rugged on the inside as well as outside. Learn more about how LAPD utilizes Deep Freeze on their rugged books.

Computers on Wheels

Computers on Wheels provide numerous benefits to an organization including mobility, convenience and usability. With Deep Freeze on your computers on wheels, you will experience zero downtime, enabling you to harness their benefits to the fullest.

Windows XP Machines

Microsoft discontinued its support for Windows XP, but with Deep Freeze on your system, you do not have to worry! Our patented reboot to restore technology solution helps you retain the pristine configuration without the platform support.

Multi-user Environment

One system being utilized by multiple users might lead to loss of critical data and lead to non-compliance with standards such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS. Deep Freeze enables your organization to provide an unobtrusive yet a secured environment. Learn how Deep Freeze helped the Center: Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Care & Research in complying with HIPAA standards.

First Responders

First responders such as public safety, fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical response agencies cannot afford downtime of their IT systems at dispatch centers or in the field. Deep Freeze helps in maintaining 100 percent availability of their systems.

Virtualized Environments

Older systems can be re-purposed into thin clients with Deep Freeze and used to connect to a virtual environment. Also, by preventing configuration drift in virtualized environments that store high volumes of data, Deep Freeze reduces the risk of data loss.

Field Assets

Mobile/on-the field assets usually don’t have technical support at hand. By restoring a workstation to its pristine configuration with a reboot, Deep Freeze minimizes the need for technical support. What’s more, with Deep Freeze Cloud, you can even manage mobile IT assets from different geographic locations.

Seamless Aviation Operations

SkyWest needed a solution that could help them manage 700 computers remotely and perform maintenance easily. With Deep Freeze, their aircraft maintenance personnel could themselves fix malware or accidental misconfigurations with a quick reboot. In addition, their IT staff could remotely carry out configuration changes when required from the Deep Freeze Enterprise Console.

“The IT staff used to travel at the drop of a hat when something broke at remote sites, now they don't have to do that. With Deep Freeze, we are able to centrally manage all our IT assets.”

Michael Howes
SkyWest Airlines

Bringing Computers to the Community

Philadelphia FIGHT (FIGHT) is a non-profit organization designed to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Its Critical Path Project to provide digital literacy in the most vulnerable neighborhoods has a very small Information Technology staff to manage all the machines across all their centers. A high volume of support tickets across their centers would simply be unmanageable for a team of this size. Faronics Deep Freeze helped to provide the community of Philadelphia with a positive computing experience, free from malware, configuration changes, and computer downtime, with minimal support staff.

“I can’t imagine a public computer center or public library not running Faronics Deep Freeze & WINSelect.”

Allison Wolf
Manager of Information Systems

Keeping Your Money Safe

Freedom First’s IT department was searching for ways to minimize the lost IT and employee productivity that occurred when their endpoint computers were compromised. They had no way to determine that a machine was compromised until after the problem occurred and required troubleshooting. PCs that did require a rebuild were often unavailable for several hours and required reimaging. Since Deep Freeze was implemented, IT simply reboots the workstations every evening to eradicate any possible issues.

"Deep Freeze has really simplified our lives. Now, there are two choices for each malfunctioning workstation: it’s a hardware problem, or we simply need to reboot."

Jeff Morehart
Network Technician

Facilitating Learning Everywhere

Ballston Spa Central School District was facing a plethora of IT infrastructure issues - system errors, blue screens of death and busted DVD drives. Staff would rebuild and reimage computers weekly and their anti-virus efforts came with a price to network and system performance. Faronics Deep Freeze gave Ballston Spa Central School District an alternative to computer imaging that worked seamlessly with a network-efficient anti-virus solution.

“Faronics Anti-Virus and Deep Freeze have simplifed our job and allowed us to focus on other critical projects.”

Brian Merchant
Coordinator of Technical Support Services

Deep Freeze provides a great value proposition in several industries, minimizing their IT support costs while maximizing productivity.
For an overview of how Deep Freeze could benefit your industry, please select an industry below.
Cloud Based
On Premise?
The Choice is Yours
Deep Freeze Cloud is offered as Software as a Service(SaaS). Now be in control of your IT assets, anytime and anywhere.
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In addition to Deep Freeze, leverage the following features that make Deep Freeze Cloud a complete computer management solution.
Web Based Console
Power of cloud for better management

Mobile App
iOS and Android apps for all your routine tasks

Software Automation
Stop worrying about software updates

Usage Stats
Intelligent reports for smart IT decisions

Deep Freeze Enterprise
Centralized deployment and management as well as a host of configuration options for the Enterprise.

Deep Freeze Standard
Bulletproof disk protection designed for computing environments of 1-10 workstations.

Deep Freeze for Mac
Ultimate Mac OS X protection that leverages Apple Remote Desktop for deployment and management.

Deep Freeze Server
Protect your Windows and Mac Server operating systems and ensure they’re running at 100% operating availability.

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